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+So far, libpixman hasn't reached an initial release. But we can still form
+good habits now by practicing the release process with the current
+10 easy steps to creating a new libpixman snapshot
+1) Commit code with a significant new feature or backwards
+ incompatibility.
+ Either of these events triggers the need for a new snapshot.
+ Users of libpixman snapshots need to be able to specify snapshot
+ version numbers in order to get access to a specific set of
+ features.
+2) Verify that the code passes "make distcheck"
+ Running "make distcheck" should result in no warnings or
+ errors and end with a message of the form:
+ ================================================
+ libpixman-X.Y.Z.tar.gz is ready for distribution
+ ================================================
+ (But the tar file isn't actually ready yet, as we still have
+ some more steps to follow).
+3) Fill out an entry in the NEWS file
+ Sift through the information in ChangeLog since the last
+ snapshot. Summarize major changes briefly in a style similar
+ to other entries in NEWS.
+4) Increment LIBPIXMAN_VERSION in
+ Right now, in its pre-release form, we are incrementing
+ LIBPIXMAN_VERSION for each snapshot but we are not changing the
+ libtool shared library version information. Until now, we've
+ only incremented the sub-minor version. We'll invent rules for
+ incrementing major and minor numbers when the time is right.
+5) Commit the changes to NEWS and
+ Don't forget to fill out the ChangeLog just like with any
+ other commit. It's especially important to mention the new
+ version number in the ChangeLog.
+6) Run "make distcheck" to generate the final tar file with the
+ correct version number.
+7) Copy the resulting tar file to the cairo snapshots distribution
+ directory:
+ scp libpixman-X.Y.Z-tar.gz
+8) Tag the entire source tree with a tag of the form SNAPSHOT_X_Y_Z:
+ cvs tag SNAPSHOT_X_Y_Z
+9) Send a message to to announce the
+ new snapshot.
+ The message should provide the URL for the snapshot:
+ and should also include the relevant section from the NEWS
+ file.
+10) Sit back and relax in confidence, or alternately, brace yourself
+ for a flood of new bug reports.