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authorBehdad Esfahbod <>2011-03-18 13:11:50 -0300
committerBehdad Esfahbod <>2011-03-18 13:13:18 -0300
commit7db5e3fdc8ea368547bb0b8f15d190c4f6891e20 (patch)
parentdf1dd838809ed64b06595541d237e0f6bb6d23cb (diff)
Don't cache _CAIRO_ENABLE results
Caching is fragile sinle the enable commands cannot have any side-effects when caching. And doesn't have significant speedup at this level. Just remove it.
1 files changed, 11 insertions, 63 deletions
diff --git a/build/aclocal.enable.m4 b/build/aclocal.enable.m4
index bcff013b0..f3522b983 100644
--- a/build/aclocal.enable.m4
+++ b/build/aclocal.enable.m4
@@ -8,11 +8,6 @@ dnl
dnl ===========================================================================
-dnl Used to force cache invalidation
-m4_define([cr_cache_version], [6])
dnl Define a macro to enable features
@@ -30,8 +25,7 @@ dnl "no" for experimental features, eg. your favorite new backend
dnl "yes" for recommended features, eg. png functions
dnl "auto" for other supported features, eg. xlib surface backend
dnl "always" for mandatory features (can't be disabled), eg. image surface backend
-dnl COMMANDS are run to check whether the feature can be enabled. Their
-dnl result may be cached, so user should not count on them being run.
+dnl COMMANDS are run to check whether the feature can be enabled.
dnl They should set use_$(ID) to something other than yes if the
dnl feature cannot be built, eg. "no (requires SomeThing)". It then
dnl should also set $(ID)_REQUIRES/CFLAGS/LIBS/...
@@ -52,7 +46,6 @@ AC_DEFUN([_CAIRO_ENABLE],
m4_pushdef([cr_feature_what], m4_normalize([$3]))dnl
m4_pushdef([cr_feature_default], m4_normalize([$4]))dnl
m4_pushdef([cr_feature_commands], [$5])dnl
- m4_pushdef([cr_feature_commands_len], m4_len([$5]))dnl
m4_pushdef([cr_feature_arg], m4_translit([$1],_,-))dnl
@@ -81,59 +74,16 @@ AC_DEFUN([_CAIRO_ENABLE],
use_$1="no (disabled, use --enable-cr_feature_arg to enable)"
- dnl Cache invalidating:
- dnl
- dnl To be extremely user-friendly, we discard cache results if
- dnl any of the following conditions happens:
- dnl
- dnl - Global cache version changes
- dnl This is used to force a cache invalidation for these
- dnl macros
- dnl
- dnl - Set of cached variables changes
- dnl (XXX should also do if the default value of such
- dnl variables changes. Argh...)
- dnl
- dnl - Length of the COMMANDS string changes!
- dnl (This is much more friendly to the cache than caching
- dnl the commands string itself. Note that this still does
- dnl not catch all valid cases where we should be
- dnl invalidting. For example if COMMANDS uses
- dnl variables/macros defined outside, we don't detect changes
- dnl in those variables. Also doesn't detect in-place
- dnl modifications like bumping verson numbers.
- dnl Just modify COMMANDS in an obvious way to force recheck.
- dnl Hashing sounds a bit too harsh to do here...)
- dnl
- dnl - If feature is requested and cached results for enabling
- dnl feature is no. We are going to terminate with an error
- dnl if this happens anyway, so we can be more friendly by
- dnl assuming that user installed some missing pieces since
- dnl last time and so we recheck. Although even in that
- dnl case other cached values probably get in the way...
- dnl
- AS_IF([test "x$cairo_cv_[]$1[]_cache_version" != "x[]cr_cache_version" -o \
- "x$cairo_cv_[]$1[]_cache_commands_len" != "x[]cr_feature_commands_len" -o \
- "x$cairo_cv_[]$1[]_cache_vars" != "x[]_CAIRO_FEATURE_VARS"],
- [unset cairo_cv_[]$1[]_use])
- AS_IF([test "x$enable_$1" = xyes -a "x$cairo_cv_[]$1[]_use" != xyes],
- [unset cairo_cv_[]$1[]_use])
- AC_CACHE_CHECK([for cairo's ]cr_feature_name[ feature], cairo_cv_[]$1[]_use,
- [dnl
- echo
- use_[]$1=yes
- CAIRO_FEATURE_VARS_FOREACH(cr_var, [cr_feature[_]cr_var[=]_CAIRO_SH_ESCAPE_UNQUOTED(m4_do([cr_var_default_]cr_var[_value]))]m4_newline)
- cr_feature_commands
- cairo_cv_[]$1[]_use=$use_[]$1
- cairo_cv_[]$1[]_cache_vars="_CAIRO_FEATURE_VARS"
- cairo_cv_[]$1[]_cache_commands_len="cr_feature_commands_len"
- cairo_cv_[]$1[]_cache_version="cr_cache_version"
- CAIRO_FEATURE_VARS_FOREACH([cr_var], [[cairo_cv_]cr_feature[_]cr_var[=$]cr_feature[_]cr_var]m4_newline)
- AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether cairo's ]cr_feature_name[ feature could be enabled])
- ])dnl
+ AC_MSG_CHECKING([for cairo's ]cr_feature_name[ feature])
+ echo
+ use_[]$1=yes
+ CAIRO_FEATURE_VARS_FOREACH(cr_var, [cr_feature[_]cr_var[=]_CAIRO_SH_ESCAPE_UNQUOTED(m4_do([cr_var_default_]cr_var[_value]))]m4_newline)
+ cr_feature_commands
- use_[]$1=$cairo_cv_[]$1[]_use
+ AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether cairo's ]cr_feature_name[ feature could be enabled])
+ AC_MSG_RESULT([$use_$1])
AS_IF([test "x$enable_$1" = "xyes" -a "x$use_$1" != xyes],
@@ -151,14 +101,13 @@ AC_DEFUN([_CAIRO_ENABLE],
AS_IF([test "x$use_$1" = "xyes"],
- CAIRO_FEATURE_VARS_FOREACH([cr_var], [cr_feature[_]cr_var[=$cairo_cv_]cr_feature[_]cr_var]m4_newline)
CAIRO_ACCUMULATE_UNQUOTED_BEFORE(cr_var, [$]cr_feature[_]cr_var)
dnl If not enabled, empty the vars so no one accidentally uses them.
- CAIRO_FEATURE_VARS_FOREACH([cr_var], [cr_feature[_]cr_var[=$cairo_cv_]cr_feature[_]cr_var]m4_newline)
+ CAIRO_FEATURE_VARS_FOREACH([cr_var], [unset cr_feature[_]cr_var]m4_newline)
_CAIRO_FEATURE_HOOKS(cr_feature, cr_feature_name, cr_feature_default, cr_feature_what)dnl
@@ -168,7 +117,6 @@ AC_DEFUN([_CAIRO_ENABLE],
- m4_popdef([cr_feature_commands_len])dnl