BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.10test: Missing conjoint ref imageChris Wilson9 years
1.12Start 1.12.19Bryce Harrington6 years
1.14Hide skia backend from usersBryce Harrington3 years
1.16Start 1.16.1 workBryce Harrington23 months
1.2[] Pass tag message to git-tag in release-publishBehdad Esfahbod14 years
1.4[mac] Correctly handle endianness in multi-architecture compiles on MacOS XJeremy Huddleston13 years
1.6[Makefile] Hide cpp files from automakeChris Wilson12 years
1.8Increment cairo version to 1.8.11Carl Worth11 years
color-emojiXXX Enable color glyphsBehdad Esfahbod5 years
mastermeson: ensure srcdir doesn't contain autotools build artifactsTim-Philipp Müller4 days
1.17.2commit d67be70805...Bryce Harrington20 months
1.16.0commit 3ad43122b2...Bryce Harrington23 months
1.15.14commit d9aaea0c1e...Bryce Harrington2 years
1.15.12commit 7149686456...Bryce Harrington2 years
1.15.10commit 95c464d5fe...Bryce Harrington3 years
1.14.12commit 7cf32a065e...Bryce Harrington3 years
1.15.8commit 112f0fc73b...Bryce Harrington3 years
1.14.10commit 05b63e807b...Bryce Harrington3 years
1.15.6commit c31721ab27...Bryce Harrington3 years
1.15.4commit 9fe6683cb1...Bryce Harrington4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_22SNAPSHOT_0_1_22Carl Worth8-19/+43
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_21SNAPSHOT_0_1_21Carl Worth14-49/+985
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_20SNAPSHOT_0_1_20Carl Worth73-2243/+9706
2006-02-13Remove pixman since it shouldn't exist at this point of the history.SNAPSHOT_0_1_16Carl Worth39-14345/+0
2004-04-16Added notes for snapshot 0.1.22.Carl Worth3-2/+12
2004-04-16Add RELEASING fileSNAPSHOT_0_1_1Carl Worth1-0/+71
2004-04-16Add notes for snapshot 0.1.1Carl Worth3-1/+28
2004-04-16Track pixman fixes to PIXMAN_FORMAT_NAME_*.Carl Worth6-17/+31
2004-04-16Fix bogus names such as PIXMAN_FORMAT_NAME_AR_GB32 that were left over from a...Carl Worth11-160/+177
2004-04-09Bump version to 0.1.21David Reveman3-1/+21