BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
OCL20OCL20: add device enqueue test case.Yang Rong7 years
Release_v0.9.xutests: fix bugs in builtin_tgamma().Rebecca Palmer9 years
Release_v1.0build: use EXECUTE_PROCESS to replace the deprecated EXEC_PROGRAM.Zhigang Gong9 years
Release_v1.1Bump version to 1.1.1Yang Rong8 years
Release_v1.2Bump version to 1.2.1.Yang Rong7 years
Release_v1.3Bump version to 1.3.2.Yang Rong6 years
masterAllow creating out-of-order queues with clCreateCommandQueueRebecca N. Palmer5 years
newRTImplement printf for new runtime.Junyan He6 years
Release_v1.3.2commit 5aba95a3ec...Yang Rong6 years
Release_v1.3.1commit 8bd8c3ac82...Yang Rong7 years
Release_v1.3.0commit c8b47b1737...Yang Rong7 years
Release_v1.2.1commit 097365ed1a...Yang Rong7 years
Release_v1.2.0commit 765189bbed...Yang Rong7 years
Release_v1.1.2commit 63cf52709c...Yang Rong8 years
Release_v1.1.1commit 6be1a61e21...Yang Rong8 years
Release_v1.1.0commit 8a611cb1b5...Yang Rong8 years
Release_v1.0.3commit e4246738e9...Zhigang Gong9 years
Release_v1.0.2commit a9b7d484ed...Zhigang Gong9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2018-08-20Allow creating out-of-order queues with clCreateCommandQueueHEADmasterRebecca N. Palmer1-29/+5
2018-08-20Make in-order command queues actually be in-orderRebecca N. Palmer6-34/+71
2018-08-20Add preliminary LLVM 7 supportRebecca N. Palmer6-2/+22
2018-08-20Add LLVM 6.0 supportRebecca N. Palmer2-1/+7
2018-08-20More user-friendly "type not supported" errorsRebecca N. Palmer1-12/+12
2018-08-20Don't leak memory on long chains of eventsRebecca N. Palmer2-8/+25
2018-02-05Enable Coffee Lake supportMark Thompson3-3/+153
2018-02-05Fix enabling of fp64 extensionMark Thompson1-8/+8
2018-02-05Ensure that DRM device uses the i915 driverMark Thompson1-0/+30
2018-01-10Runtime: Remove X11 dri2 connection failed warning message.Yang Rong1-2/+0