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authorPhilip Withnall <>2019-01-16 14:24:51 +0000
committerRay Strode <>2019-05-07 15:07:28 +0000
commit0e712e935abd26499ff5995ab363e5bfd9ee7c4c (patch)
parent152b845bbd3ca2a64516691493a160825f1a2046 (diff)
data: Tighten up systemd sandboxing of accounts-daemon.service
Tighten up the sandboxing of the daemon, paying particular attention to file system access. Further work could be done to make the daemon run as a non-root user (User=/Group=/DynamicUser=), drop capabilities (CapabilityBoundingSet=) and restrict system calls (SystemCallFilter=). This is a reasonable starting point, though. It has been tested with adding, modifying and deleting users, and reading/writing user extension data. Testing was done on a Fedora and a Debian-based system. The useradd/userdel/usermod subprocesses require a lot of permissions which the accounts-service daemon itself doesn’t. In future, it might make sense to run them in a separate privilege-escalated sandbox, and further restrict the permissions of the accounts-service daemon itself. Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall <>
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diff --git a/data/ b/data/
index b3ef56e..46c65d4 100644
--- a/data/
+++ b/data/
@@ -15,6 +15,53 @@ Environment=GVFS_DISABLE_FUSE=1
+# Write access is needed to create home directories:
+# We need access to the canonical user database:
+# For D-Bus:
+# In addition to the below paths,
+# - @localstatedir@/lib/AccountsService/users/ and
+# - @localstatedir@/lib/AccountsService/icons/
+# are read/written by the daemon. See StateDirectory= above.
+# The paths in /etc are not directly modified by AccountsService, but by
+# usermod, which it spawns.
+# The paths in /var/log and /var/mail are touched by useradd/userdel when adding
+# or deleting users.
+ -@gdm_conf_file@ \
+ /etc/ \
+ -/proc/self/loginuid \
+ -/var/log/lastlog \
+ -/var/log/tallylog \
+ -/var/mail/
+ @datadir@/accountsservice/interfaces/ \
+ @datadir@/dbus-1/interfaces/ \
+ @path_wtmp@ \
+ /run/systemd/seats/
# We pull this in by instead of waiting for the bus
# activation, to speed things up a little: gdm uses this anyway so it is nice
diff --git a/data/ b/data/
index 4987937..79f7651 100644
--- a/data/
+++ b/data/
@@ -14,7 +14,11 @@ install_data(
service_conf = configuration_data()
+service_conf.set('datadir', act_datadir)
+service_conf.set('gdm_conf_file', gdm_conf_file)
service_conf.set('libexecdir', act_libexecdir)
+service_conf.set('localstatedir', act_localstatedir)
+service_conf.set('path_wtmp', path_wtmp)
service = act_namespace + '.service'