BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
3v1n0/gtask-initablescli: Use a queue to keep track of commands during client initalizationMarco Trevisan (Treviño)5 months
DCBWThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'DCBW'.(no author)16 years
FC4_BRANCH2005-07-07 Dan Williams <>Dan Williams15 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_0_RELEASEopenvpn: don't use --ns-cert-type option (bgo #564250)Dan Williams10 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_7dnsmasq: actually kill stale dnsmasq processDan Williams9 years
NM_0_8sharing: fix handling of rule negation (debian #638995)Dan Williams8 years
STABLE_0_32005-09-06 Dan Williams <>Dan Williams14 years
SoC_20062006-10-11 Tambet Ingo <>Tambet Ingo13 years
akl/wip/wifi-meshwifi: use deactivate_async to diconnect interfaceAndy Kling7 months
automationautomation: fetch NetworkManager's gitlab repository and add refs from merge-...Thomas Haller5 months
bg/802-1x-client-cert-rh1705054ifcfg-rh: use PKCS #12 private key also as client cert in readerBeniamino Galvani9 months
bg/802-1x-wait-carrier-rh1765490ethernet: wait for carrier before starting supplicantBeniamino Galvani3 months
bg/activation-wait-disconnect-rh1772960device: check for disconnected state before activating NMActRequestBeniamino Galvani3 months
bg/add-activate-fail-rh1667874device: don't wait udev for devices created by usBeniamino Galvani9 months
bg/agent-secrets-issue230settings: fix updating agent-owned VPN secretsBeniamino Galvani5 months
bg/assume-failed-rh1737774device: don't transition assumed devices to FAILED before ACTIVATEDBeniamino Galvani3 months
bg/audit-hostnamecore: add audit log for the SaveHostname callBeniamino Galvani6 months
bg/bond-fixestui: add only some options to new bond connectionsBeniamino Galvani8 months
bg/bridge-vlan-filteringdevice: support bridge vlansBeniamino Galvani11 months
bg/bridge-vlan-rangesfixup! all: support bridge vlan rangesThomas Haller10 months
bg/cli-disconnect-rh1546061cli: avoid crash on device disconnectBeniamino Galvani15 months
bg/cli-dns-options-rh1665649clients: remove the same dns-option before adding itBeniamino Galvani13 months
bg/cli-editor-save-rh1546805fixup! cli: wait for changed signal after updating a connectionBeniamino Galvani15 months
bg/cli-general-reloadcli: add 'general reload' commandBeniamino Galvani5 months
bg/cli-monitor-crash-rh1716948cli: fix crash on autocompletionBeniamino Galvani9 months
bg/cli-test-debugclients: print additional information on failureBeniamino Galvani16 months
bg/clients-secrets-rh1506536clients: only ask secrets for settings that require themBeniamino Galvani11 months
bg/concheck-issue181Revert "Coerce connectivity "LIMITED" to "NONE" when device is disconnected"Thomas Haller8 months
bg/device-parent-rh1774074manager: don't activate device if the parent is missingBeniamino Galvani3 months
bg/device-realize-failed-rh1686634manager: keep device if realize() failsBeniamino Galvani6 months
bg/device-reapply-fail-rh1703960ifcfg-rh: preserve existence of wired settingBeniamino Galvani9 months
bg/dhcp-conditionals-rh1758550dhcp: include conditionals from existing dhclient configurationBeniamino Galvani4 months
bg/dhcp-fqdn-flagsdhcp: support FQDN flags in the nettools backendBeniamino Galvani3 months
bg/dhcp-invalid-hostnamedhcp: ignore hostname when invalidBeniamino Galvani4 months
bg/dhcp-keepdevice: keep client running after activation failureBeniamino Galvani5 months
bg/dhcp-pd-internaldhcp: systemd: support DHCPv6 prefix delegationBeniamino Galvani5 months
bg/dhcp-timeout-rh1791378ndisc: remove upper bound for IPv6 autoconfiguration timeoutBeniamino Galvani3 weeks
bg/dns-child-restart-issue105dns: fail the plugin when the rate limiter hitsBeniamino Galvani13 months
bg/fix-device-parent-match-rh1716438device: fix matching parent device by connection UUIDBeniamino Galvani9 months
bg/gtk-docbuild: fix errors when building with gtk-doc 1.32Beniamino Galvani6 months
bg/iaid-byte-ordercore: fix IAID endianness in client-id generation testBeniamino Galvani3 months
bg/ip-config-apply-rh1754511device: don't reapply IP config on link up for disconnected devicesBeniamino Galvani5 months
bg/ipv6-accept-ra-rh1734470ipv6: disable kernel handling of RAs (accept_ra)Beniamino Galvani6 months
bg/ipv6-disabledcore: support creating ip6-config setting with disabled methodBeniamino Galvani9 months
bg/ipv6-tokendevice: set IPv6 token only when necessaryBeniamino Galvani8 months
bg/issue110libnm-core: fix team link-watcher struct layoutBeniamino Galvani13 months
bg/issue39tests: simulate old LastScan wifi value in test-networkmanager-service.pyBeniamino Galvani16 months
bg/issue65build: enable ibft plugin for make dist-checkThomas Haller16 months
bg/issue77build: dist initrd filesBeniamino Galvani15 months
bg/issue82settings: apply agent-owned secrets from the new connection on updateBeniamino Galvani14 months
bg/issue93vpn: add route to vpn gw when parent has a default device routeBeniamino Galvani13 months
bg/libnm-dbus-dep-issue286build: meson: fix dependency to gdbus generated headersBeniamino Galvani3 months
bg/lldp-enh-rh1652211libnm/lldp: cleanup asserting for valid NMLldpNeighbor agumentThomas Haller11 months
bg/lldp-enh-rh1652211-wipcore/lldp: avoid default switch case in lldp_neighbor_to_variant()Thomas Haller13 months
bg/log-autoconnectcore: add better logging for autoconnect with a new log domainBeniamino Galvani4 months
bg/log-autoconnect-1-20core: add better logging for autoconnect with a new log domainBeniamino Galvani4 months
bg/log-connections-keyfilesettings: print connections in keyfile format at startupBeniamino Galvani15 months
bg/mancli: add --rescan option to help outputBeniamino Galvani16 months
bg/mtu-reapply-rh1702657device: fix reapply of MTUBeniamino Galvani10 months
bg/mtu-reapply-rh1779162device: always allow reapply of MTU from wired settingBeniamino Galvani3 months
bg/n-dhcp4-state-transitions-rh1773456n-dhcp4: fix state transitions on timer dispatchBeniamino Galvani3 months
bg/nettools-dup-options-issue324dhcp: don't add server-id option to the parameter request listBeniamino Galvani4 weeks
bg/nettools-expiren-dhcp4: request previous address after expirationBeniamino Galvani6 days
bg/nettools-fixesn-dhcp4: use packet socket in rebinding stateBeniamino Galvani2 months
bg/nettools-fixes-pt2dhcp: nettools: handle 'retracted' event as 'expired'Beniamino Galvani6 weeks
bg/nettools-max-attemptsn-dhcp4: introduce a max-attempts configuration optionBeniamino Galvani21 hours
bg/nettools-request-freedhcp: nettools: move to failed state if event dispatch failsBeniamino Galvani13 days
bg/nettools-secsn-dhcp4: fix initialization of the 'secs' DHCP header fieldBeniamino Galvani14 days
bg/nmcli-agent-fixesclients: fix GVariantBuilder memory leakBeniamino Galvani12 months
bg/openvpn-challengesettings-connection: never save secrets with ONE_TIME flagBeniamino Galvani3 years
bg/openvpn-challenge-v1all: support challenge secrets for VPNsBeniamino Galvani3 years
bg/ovs-deactivate-async-pt2ovs: discard link updates when deactivatingBeniamino Galvani6 days
bg/ovs-deactivate-async-rh1782701ovs: wait that link disappears before continuing with deactivationBeniamino Galvani5 weeks
bg/ovs-interface-state-rh1781165device: don't reapply IP configuration if the ifindex is missingBeniamino Galvani2 months
bg/ovs-restart-part2-rh1733709device: fix releasing slavesBeniamino Galvani7 months
bg/ovs-restart-rh1733709ovs: don't release slaves on quitBeniamino Galvani7 months
bg/parent-autoactivate-rh1765566manager: forbid autoactivation of parent when it is blocked by user requestBeniamino Galvani2 months
bg/parent-mtu-rh1723690core: allow live change of MTU for devices that support itBeniamino Galvani4 months
bg/parse-var-attr-ref-rh1594887libnm-core: fix nm_utils_parse_variant_attributes() usageBeniamino Galvani20 months
bg/pppoe-issue203device: ppp: check that connection has a PPPoE parentBeniamino Galvani8 months
bg/prefix-routecore: don't add prefix route for /32 addresses without peerBeniamino Galvani4 months
bg/reapply-activating-rh1763062device: allow reapply when the device is activatingBeniamino Galvani4 months
bg/reapply-seen-bssids-issue243wifi: allow reapply when the seen-bssids property changedBeniamino Galvani5 months
bg/reapply-update-ip-rh1731142device: update exported IP configuration before Reapply() terminatesBeniamino Galvani6 months
bg/rh1626004debugBeniamino Galvani17 months
bg/rh1676551wipBeniamino Galvani12 months
bg/rh1697900team: clean up state when connection to teamd failsBeniamino Galvani10 months
bg/rh1702199cli: hide certificate blobs unless --show-secrets is passedBeniamino Galvani10 months
bg/rh1702203cli: don't wait for connection change on update failureBeniamino Galvani10 months
bg/rh1747998device: fix crash when master connection failsBeniamino Galvani6 months
bg/rh1765047manager: create a virtual device only if the connection can autoconnectBeniamino Galvani2 months
bg/rh1782701ovs: fail enslavement if bridge device is missingBeniamino Galvani2 months
bg/rh1804350Revert "core: create virtual device on settings changes in idle handler"Beniamino Galvani41 hours
bg/rpm-require-dbus-tools-rh1745659contrib/rpm: require dbus-toolsBeniamino Galvani6 months
bg/sanitizersdevice: fix memory leakBeniamino Galvani10 months
bg/secret-timeout-bgo767321secrets: call CancelGetSecrets after a timeout in secret requestBeniamino Galvani4 years
bg/slaves-autoconnect-managedmanager: propagate the for-user-request flag for slaves autoconnectionBeniamino Galvani8 months
bg/sriov-drivers-autoprobe-rh1695093libnm-core: fix build warningBeniamino Galvani11 months
bg/stacked-vpn-rh1592596manager: treat VPN generated connections as managedBeniamino Galvani20 months
bg/systemdsystemd: merge branch systemd into masterBeniamino Galvani12 months
bg/team-delete-port-configteam: delete port configuration on releaseBeniamino Galvani5 months
bg/team-failurewipBeniamino Galvani9 months
bg/team-race-rh1798947team: ignore bus name appearance when killing teamdBeniamino Galvani10 days
bg/tmpshared: redefine G_SOURCE_FUNCBeniamino Galvani2 weeks
bg/unmanaged-sw-dev-rh1679230core: don't realize unmanaged software devicesBeniamino Galvani10 months
bg/virt-dev-check-mastermanager: check for master existence before realizing the deviceBeniamino Galvani3 weeks
bg/vpn-ask-username-rh1535517cli: don't ask secrets from connection if there are hintsBeniamino Galvani16 months
bg/vpn-persistent-rh1706375vpn: set STOPPED state when service disappearsBeniamino Galvani9 months
bridgebridge: allow independent IPv4 and IPv6 configuration with no slavesDan Williams7 years
contrail/vrouterVhost0 management integration.OlegBravo4 months
danw/cliwrap-bgo762694wip: wrap nmcli helpDan Winship4 years
danw/dnspub-bgo603321libnm-glib: add NMDnsManager [WIP]Dan Winship6 years
danw/libnm-core-shared-bgo744031fixup! libnm, core: build and use itThomas Haller5 years
danw/tui-filepicker-bgo719768tui: add NmtNewtFileDialog, NmtNewtFileButtonDan Winship5 years
danw/wip/devicemanagercore: add NMDeviceManagerDan Winship6 years
danw/wip/netmonwipDan Winship6 years
danw/wip/ptrarray-introspectionlibnm: post-process NM-1.0.gir to fix GPtrArray property typesDan Winship5 years
danw/wip/trackdevicecore: add a framework for tracking devicesDan Winship6 years
danw/wip/tui-helptui: implement help text in the various entry widgetsDan Winship6 years
danw/wip/vpnlibnm-glib: add libnm compat defines to nm-vpn-plugin-ui-interface.hDan Winship5 years
dcbw/5ghz-capswifi: add capability bit for 5GHz frequency support (bgo #722550)Dan Williams6 years
dcbw/agent-portalapi: add Agent interface for portal authenticationDan Williams7 years
dcbw/child-interfacesvpn: unmanage VPN child devices when their interface name is knownDan Williams6 years
dcbw/devsecretsasdfasdfDan Williams5 years
dcbw/nm-0910-wifi-ap-listwifi: remove supplicant-forgotten current AP from list on disconnectDan Williams5 years
dcbw/rh990480-ibft-vlanfixup! ibft: add settings plugin for reading iBFT configuration (bgo #734009)Thomas Haller6 years
dcbw/rh990480-ibft-vlan-OLDifcfg-rh: remove iBFT handling in preference of the ibft pluginDan Williams6 years
dcbw/rsn-ibssasdfasdfDan Williams7 years
dcbw/wifi-scandevices/wifi: move scan option processing to D-Bus request scan handlerDan Williams3 years
f15Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into f15Dan Williams9 years
fg/802-3-prop_rh1353612device/ethernet: check and apply link negotiation propertiesFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/802-3-prop_rh1353612_IIcore: merge NM_PLATFORM_LINK_DUPLEX_UNSET and UNKNOWNThomas Haller3 years
fg/CI_vlan_update_mac_from_bonddevice: skip creating VLAN devices if parent device is not ready yetFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/DUID-IPv4-bgo745243fixup! dhcp: use DHCPv6 DUID to construct DHCPv4 Client ID (dhclient)Thomas Haller4 years
fg/WiFi_wext-bgo763388wifi: hack for wext devices reporting IW_MODE_AUTO configuration mode.Francesco Giudici4 years
fg/assume_bridge-rh1593939device: when assuming a bridge ignore stp options if stp is disabledFrancesco Giudici13 months
fg/auto_neg_specmodes-rh1487477libnm-core: allow speed and duplex values when auto-negotiate=yesFrancesco Giudici20 months
fg/cannot_assign_ipv6-rh1462260device: avoid touching IPv6 on "external" connections without IPv6 confFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/checkpoint-devices-rh1578335fixup! nm-checkpoint: drop reference to NM_DEVICE objects on removal signalFrancesco Giudici10 months
fg/checkpoint-devices-rh1578335-pt1nm-checkpoint: save device ifname and track if it is softwareFrancesco Giudici11 months
fg/checkpoint-devices-rh1578335-pt2checkpoint: hold a reference to the NMManager objectFrancesco Giudici10 months
fg/concheckdevice: add default route penalty only if concheck is enabledFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/dhcp-hostname_persist-rh1519299ifcfg: don't skip ipv4 properties when method is sharedFrancesco Giudici24 months
fg/dhcp_hostname_bgo775622ifcfg-rh/tests: add ipv6 hostname legacy support read testFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/dhcp_hostname_oldifcfg-rh/tests: add ipv6 hostname legacy support read testFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/dhcp_leasedevice: never stop trying renewing the leaseFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/dhcp_lease-rh1503587device: enable DHCPv6 retries on lease renewal failureFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/dhcp_options2env-rh1663253dispatcher: add MS Azure endpoint env var expected by cloud-initFrancesco Giudici8 months
fg/dhcp_timeout_rh1491243dhcp: dhclient: remove the --timeout argument from the command lineFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/duid_enforce_as_booldhcp: look for DUID in both private and global DHCP client lease filesFrancesco Giudici20 months
fg/hostname_dhcp-stickypolicy: add new hostname-mode "dhcp-sticky"Francesco Giudici3 years
fg/hostname_overwrites_resolv_rh1344303policy: check for active devices before triggering dns update on hostname changeFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/internal-dhcp-client-id-default-legacy_rh1695723dhcp/internal: make default dhcp-client-id based on systemd DUID-ENFrancesco Giudici10 months
fg/ipv6_add_syncfixup! device: always sync IPv6 address removal between platform and configFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/ipv6_add_sync-rh1452046fixup! device: ensure we don't have pending updates before checking for IPv6L...Francesco Giudici3 years
fg/ipv6_add_sync-rh1452046-IImanager: when a connection is upped on a device, do an early update of its in...Francesco Giudici3 years
fg/ipv6_address_update-rh1452046device: skip ip state update coming from platform for unmanaged devicesFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/jansson_wrapfixup! fixup! core: load jansson on demandFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/json_symbol_clashlibnm-core: use the new safe macro to avoid clashing with libjson-glib.Francesco Giudici2 years
fg/keep_externally_set_hostname-rh1422610man: add description for the 'hostname' config option in the main sectionFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/keep_externally_set_hostname-rh1422610_OLDnm-policy: detect if the hostname was changed outside NetworkManagerFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/libcurl_bgo752642build: enable selection of libcurlFrancesco Giudici4 years
fg/manage_DUID-rh1414093cli: add dhcp-duid supportFrancesco Giudici20 months
fg/nettools_dhcp_optionsdhcp: nettools: check if addr is in the lease when boundFrancesco Giudici7 months
fg/nettools_dhcp_options_IIdhcp: nettools: drop useless "options" GHashTable checksFrancesco Giudici5 months
fg/nettools_persist_leasedhcp: nettools: read/write lease filesFrancesco Giudici6 months
fg/nm-1-0_wifi_segfault_rh1325631device: minor logging change in platform_link_added()Francesco Giudici4 years
fg/nm-1-10merge: branch 'fg/team_abstraction_tests_and_fixes_rh1398925'Francesco Giudici2 years
fg/nm-1-4-ttempFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/nm_logoartwork: introduce the new NetworkManager logo and logotypeFrancesco Giudici5 months
fg/nmcli-team-bgo762334nmcli: check for ip settings is now the default case for connection editing.Francesco Giudici4 years
fg/nmcli_fix_bridge_upnmcli: avoid calling twice "check_activated()" on "nmcli connection up"Francesco Giudici3 years
fg/nmcli_optionsnmcli: fix 'nmcli con export' parameters checkFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/nmcli_parsing_part_II_rh1391170nmcli: add -g[et-vars] as -t -f <arg> shortcutFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/nmcli_parsing_part_I_rh1391170nmcli: remove redundant checkFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/nmcli_parsing_rh1391170nmcli: fix colorize_string() signature in order to return static char *Francesco Giudici3 years
fg/persistent_dhcp_rh1350830nmcli: allow to set dhcp-timeout as "infinity"Francesco Giudici2 years
fg/sys-iface-remove-updatedevice: when setting back a device to managed, update internal sys stateFrancesco Giudici3 years
fg/team-clean-tx-hash-on-set-rh1541922nmcli: team: do strict checking on runner-tx-hashesFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/team-random-runner-rh1538699libnm-core: team: add support to runner "random"Francesco Giudici2 years
fg/team_abstraction_link_watchers_rh1398925libnm-core: json: share code to load defaults in team(-port).configFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/team_abstraction_no_ovscli: add team-port propertiesFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/team_abstraction_rh1398925libnm-core: enforce team and team-port defaultsFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/team_abstraction_tests_and_fixes_rh1398925Makefile: rework team compilation flagsFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/team_empty_values-rh1533830libnm-core: ensure alignment of team.config and other team propertiesFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/team_link_watchers_overwrite-rh1533926doc: fix describe message for team link watchersFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/team_sys_prio_default-rh1533810libnm-core: team: fix runner sys_prio default valueFrancesco Giudici2 years
fg/tempcli: add dhcp-duid supportFrancesco Giudici20 months
fg/test_ip6_address_generalplatfomr/tests: relax checking for signals in test_ip6_address_general()Francesco Giudici2 years
fg/tmplibnm-core: make compiler happyFrancesco Giudici11 months
ifupdown-bridgeportsifupdown: properly handle special "none" keyword for bridge_portsMichael Biebl18 months
jk/ifcfg-comments-rh1369380ifcfg-rh: do not take \' into account as an escaping sequence inside ''Jiří Klimeš3 years
jk/libnm-cli-fixes-bgo741336cli: monitor device when activating connections to capture errorsJiří Klimeš4 years
jk/nmcli-complete-regression-rh1375933cli: fix yes/no completion in questionnaire modeJiří Klimeš3 years
jk/vpn-properties-bgo743309fixup! vpn: add IpIface and IpIfindex D-Bus property to VpnConnectionJiří Klimeš5 years
ljanda/rhel-7.7Add ./po/NetworkManager.potLubomir Rintel9 months
lr/6lowpanNEWS: add an entry for WPAN & 6LowPAN supportLubomir Rintel20 months
lr/6lowpan-wipclient: support 6lowpan settingLubomir Rintel20 months
lr/a-pair-of-ibft-fixesinitrd/cmdline: obey rd.iscsi.ibftLubomir Rintel6 weeks
lr/accli: use nmc_do_cmd to get the client and check if the daemon is runningLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/ac-sortcli/connections: improve sort by active connectionsLubomir Rintel15 months
lr/activation-error-hintwifi-utils: remove log domain argumentLubomir Rintel17 months
lr/active-connection-state-changedvpn-connection: use NMActiveConnectionStateReasonLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/agent-hintssecret-agent-simple: pass hints to the auth dialogLubomir Rintel11 months
lr/agent-priorityagent-manager: upgrade a logging level of new agent noticeLubomir Rintel19 months
lr/alternativesrpm: install alternative implementations of ifup/ifdownLubomir Rintel20 months
lr/alternatives-twocli: allow being called as ifup/ifdownLubomir Rintel8 months
lr/always-systemd-resolvedns: default to always loading nm-dns-systemd-resolveLubomir Rintel20 months
lr/api-docsdocs/libnm: add some more documentationLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/async-clientcli/general: defer printing the permissions until we know themLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/async-onlinenm-online: obtain NMClient asynchronouslyLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/atul/proxyclang warningsLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/auth-dialogclients/secret-agent-simple: support auth helpersLubomir Rintel16 months
lr/automation-tagUse RTT_ACCEPTED tagLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/balrog-kun/cli-d-wifi-connectcli/devices: remove redundant Device/AC state evaluationLubomir Rintel15 months
lr/beaker-fixesdevice: allow slave release with NONE reasonLubomir Rintel5 years
lr/bgo738439-wifi-ap-modefixup! cli: Add mode option for wifi connecitonsThomas Haller5 years
lr/bluetooth-napbridge: move the Bluetooth NAP logic to bridge deviceLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/bluetooth-rfkilldevice/bt: disable when Bluetooth kill switch is offLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/bootifinitrd/tests: add some more variations of possible BOOTIF= variablesLubomir Rintel8 months
lr/bridge-delaybridge: Properly check range of STP propertiesLubomir Rintel5 years
lr/btmodem.plcontrib: add a Bluetooth DUN modem emulatorLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/cert-passcli: add support for 802.1x certificate passwordsLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/cli-ask-rh1351263cli/connections: drop the redundant parsing of --show-secretsLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/cli-extra-argumentcli: abort on extra argumentsLubomir Rintel7 months
lr/cli-ifname-add-and-activatecli: don't force interface name on add_and_activateLubomir Rintel10 months
lr/cli-wifi-list-rescancli/devices: rescan the Wi-Fi network if the AP list is not fresh enoughLubomir Rintel20 months
lr/compiler-optionsbuild: set -Wall when probing extra warning optionsLubomir Rintel18 months
lr/complete-connmodem: use set conn.interface upon completing the CDMA connectionsLubomir Rintel9 months
lr/completioncli/device: allow completion of the "wifi" command nameLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/completion-2cli: add -f argument completionLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/completion-3cli: make nmcli do its own command completionLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/completion-4cli: add nmcli g logging completionLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/config-extrabuiuld: regenerate config-extra.h if configure was re-run with different argu...Lubomir Rintel5 months
lr/config-extra-hbuild: only update config-extra.h if it changesLubomir Rintel8 months
lr/conn-checkconnectivity: add libcurl code for connectivity checkingFrancesco Giudici3 years
lr/conn-check-afconnectivity: create a multi-handle for all requestsLubomir Rintel17 months
lr/connection-mtu-rh1177582cli: recognize the connection.mtu propertyLubomir Rintel5 years
lr/connectivity-per-afdispatcher: indicate the connectivity state per device and AFLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/connectivity-resolvedconnectivity: use systemd-resolved for resolving the check endpointLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/copr.coprLubomir Rintel24 months
lr/debian-service-providerbuild/debian: install mobile-broadband-provider-infoLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/default-ethernet-ifnameethernet: don't set a hw address in a default connectionLubomir Rintel10 months
lr/device-conndevice: penalize default route metrics for connectivity failuresLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/device-id-apnethernet: don't set a hw address in a default connectionLubomir Rintel10 months
lr/device-modifycli/device: add modify commandLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/dispatcher-pathdispatcher: tolerate lack of connection pathLubomir Rintel7 months
lr/dispatcher-splitcontrib/rpm: provide NetworkManager-dispatcherLubomir Rintel10 months
lr/dns-mode-multipledns: turn main.dns=<mode> into a listLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/dnssecdns-unbound: rework the plugin for dnssec checkingLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/fg/libcurl_bgo752642connectivity: switch connectivity checking to libcurlFrancesco Giudici3 years
lr/filterXXX tc testsLubomir Rintel2 years
lr/fix-iwd-1-0iwd: unbreak iwd-1.0Lubomir Rintel4 months
lr/fixesdocs: provide soft descriptions for NM{Simple,Remote}ConnectionLubomir Rintel20 months
lr/fr-translationpo: fix a typo in fr translationLubomir Rintel18 months
lr/gcc8contrib/rpm: build verboselyLubomir Rintel2 years
lr/gitlaball: point git references to the GitLab instanceLubomir Rintel19 months
lr/glib-2-40all: require glib 2.40Lubomir Rintel2 years
lr/gsm-default-apnwwan/modem-broadband: add capability to look up default APN/username/passwordLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/gsm-default-apn-part2cli: allow deleting the gsm.apnLubomir Rintel6 months
lr/hotspot-cli-crashcli: fix a crash on "nmcli d wifi hotspot"Lubomir Rintel11 months
lr/hotspot-hostnameclients: don't require "ssid" for Wi-Fi connectionsLubomir Rintel18 months
lr/hotspot-reusedevices: reuse the hotspot connection if we find appropriate oneLubomir Rintel4 months
lr/i-hate-everythingcontrib: heap usage analysis toolingLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/ibftibft: pass the known addressing data along tooLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/ifcfg-device-rh1369008ifcfg-rh: write the master device name even if the master property is an UUIDLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/ifname-validationlibnm-core: deprecate nm_utils_iface_valid_name()Lubomir Rintel3 years
lr/initramfs-takeovermanager: assume DHCP if we see a lease on taking over an initramfs connectionLubomir Rintel3 months
lr/initrdman/NetworkManager: document --configure-and-quit optionLubomir Rintel17 months
lr/initrd-br0initrd: default bridge name to br0 as opposed to bridge0Lubomir Rintel3 months
lr/initrd-fixesinitrd/tests: put the bootif=no next to the other bootif testsLubomir Rintel3 months
lr/initrd-ofwinitrd: add devicetree supportLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/introspection-databuild: install the D-Bus introspection dataLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/ipv6-sharingpolicy: delegate IPv6 configuration to ipv6.method=shared connectionsLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/ipv6-with-carrierdevice: disable IPv6 on links when they're not ready for autoconfigurationLubomir Rintel19 months
lr/leaksvalgrind: two more gdbus suppressionsLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/licensingcontrib/checkpatch: fix the systemd code pathLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/log-hintscli: advise the user to consult logs when a connection fails to activateLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/log-hints-1iface-helper: log the device contextLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/ltobuild: enable LTO by defaultLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/manager-no-stealmanager: warn if a device steals an existing interfaceLubomir Rintel9 months
lr/modem-crashmodem-broadband: avoid a crash if we fail to guess an APNLubomir Rintel3 months
lr/modem-device-idmodem/broadband: set the gsm.device-id in complete_connection()Lubomir Rintel10 months
lr/modem-propertieslibnm/modem: add APN getterLubomir Rintel9 months
lr/modemucontrib: add a serial modem emulatorLubomir Rintel20 months
lr/msec-timestampexamples/python: drop nmex.pyLubomir Rintel20 months
lr/namespaceplatform/tests: don't attempt to mount anything to /sys/devicesLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/nettools-siaddrdhcp/nettools: add siaddr to lease optionsLubomir Rintel3 months
lr/next-serverconfig: also save next-server in the state fileLubomir Rintel9 months
lr/nm-d-wifi-con-updatecli: update the existing connection on "dev wifi connect"Lubomir Rintel7 months
lr/nmc-returncli: drop NMC_RETURNLubomir Rintel7 months
lr/nmcli-colorscli: allow setting the colors with terminal-colors.d(5)Lubomir Rintel21 months
lr/nmcli-d-wifi-showcli: add "nmcli d wifi show"Lubomir Rintel4 months
lr/nmcli-improvementscli: allow the GNU option formatLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/nmcli-kill-switchcli: add kill switch indication to "nmcli" outputLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/nmcli-overview-bgo766426cli: output a short summary of devices when called without argumentsLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/nmexexamples/python: drop nmex.pyLubomir Rintel20 months
lr/nmtui-slaves-after-master-rh1369008ifcfg: avoid marking newly created connections as UnsavedLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/no-allow_unmanagemanager: don't allow removing a device without traversing proper statesLubomir Rintel9 months
lr/no-inet6-logplatform: if AF_INET6 is not available, don't warnLubomir Rintel18 months
lr/no-nm-compatshared: drop nm-compatLubomir Rintel3 months
lr/object-managerlibnm: use the o.fd.DBus.ObjectManager API for object managementLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/olpc-meshplatforn/linux: don't fall back to WEXT for OLPC MeshLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/omlibnm/nm-manager: don't block the object creation on permissionsLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/om2libnm/tests: add restart method to the manager mock test support interfaceLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/openconnect-secrets-rh1332491settings: add flags=0 to openconnect forms and certificatesLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/ovsman: add OpenVSwitch overviewLubomir Rintel2 years
lr/ovs-1fixup! devices: add support for openvswitch devicesLubomir Rintel2 years
lr/ovs-3devices: add support for openvswitch devicesLubomir Rintel2 years
lr/ovs-4devices: add support for openvswitch devicesLubomir Rintel2 years
lr/ovs-5fixup! libnm: add support for ovs-interface devicesThomas Haller2 years
lr/ovs-6libnm: fix normalizing and verifying OVS connectionsThomas Haller2 years
lr/ovs-bridge-datapath-typecleints: add support for ovs-bridge.datapath-type propertyLubomir Rintel7 months
lr/ovs-dpdkclients: add ovs-dpdk interface supportLubomir Rintel8 months
lr/ovs-dpdk-fixesovs/interface: actually allow dpdk type interfacesLubomir Rintel7 months
lr/ovs-ethconnection: treat connection type's ability to have slaves uniformlyLubomir Rintel2 years
lr/ovs-failuresovs/factory: fail the NMDevice if there's an error in OVSDBLubomir Rintel8 months
lr/ovs-interface-plinkovs: don't traverse interface through disconnected when the ovsdb entry is re...Lubomir Rintel11 months
lr/ovs-slaveslibnm: add accessors for ovs port/bridge slavesLubomir Rintel19 months
lr/ovs-slaves-1-12libnm: add accessors for ovs port/bridge slavesLubomir Rintel19 months
lr/ovs-xovsdbLubomir Rintel2 years
lr/p11-forwardclients: be able to ask for OpenVPN PKCS#11 token PINLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/pkcs11supplicant: allow accessing certs and keys in PKCS#11 tokensLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/pkcs11-pinifcfg-rh: reuse file-suffix from NMSetting8021xSchemeVtableThomas Haller3 years
lr/pkcs11-remotingask multipleLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/poor-florianplatform/linux: fix setting of IFA_ADDRESS without a peerLubomir Rintel13 months
lr/python3rpm/ suggest dnf builddep after BUILDTYPE=SRPMLubomir Rintel21 months
lr/qdiscWIP qdisc propertyLubomir Rintel5 years
lr/qr-linuxclients: draw border around qr code on linux consoleLubomir Rintel4 months
lr/rd-neednetinitrd/cmdline: add support for rd.neednet optionLubomir Rintel9 months
lr/readline-initcli: initialize readline before installing the redisplay handlerLubomir Rintel16 months
lr/recursive-make-considered-harmfulman1Lubomir Rintel4 years
lr/redhat-connectivitycontrib/rpm: disable rp_filter in config-connectivity-redhatLubomir Rintel8 months
lr/relative-editor-pluginshared/vpn-plugin-utils: load the editor from the same place as pluginLubomir Rintel16 months
lr/revert-no-manage-dockerRevert "Do not manage Docker bridge interfaces"Lubomir Rintel9 months
lr/rfkillrfkill: use rfkill.h instead of redefining thingsLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/rhel-connectivitycontrib/rpm: add RHEL connectivity checking packageLubomir Rintel19 months
lr/rp-filterdevice: apply a loose IPv4 rp_filter when it would interfere with multihomingLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/saecli: verify connections before sending them over to daemonLubomir Rintel12 months
lr/secretsWIP: reset the connection secrets iff they are present on D-BusLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/see-if-coverity-worksbuild: enable gtk-doc by defaultLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/see-if-gtk-doc-worksbuild: enable gtk-doc by defaultLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/set-state-refdevice: keep a NMDevice reference during a deferred state setLubomir Rintel9 months
lr/setting-plugin-props-cleanupsettings-plugin: drop all propertiesLubomir Rintel21 months
lr/siaddrsystemd: add siaddr to lease optionsLubomir Rintel3 months
lr/sriov-num-vfsifcfg: add support for NUM_VFS keyLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/systemd-ask-passwordmanager: create a systemd-ask-password instanceLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/tcifcfg-rh: add tc supportLubomir Rintel2 years
lr/tc-1-18device/trivial: add comment about lifetime of "kind" in tc_commit()Thomas Haller9 months
lr/tc-attrstc/tfilter: add mirred actionLubomir Rintel10 months
lr/tc2core/tests: test tfilter with mirred action parsing and formattingLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/testmanager: don't let a master device go unmanaged on a slave activationLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/th/keyfile-fix-empty-settingscli: allow deleting the gsm.apnLubomir Rintel6 months
lr/th/tcplatform: fix build for missing <linux/tc_act/tc_defact.h> headerThomas Haller2 years
lr/tmpfixup! manager: guard the flag setting by the actual device presenceThomas Haller3 years
lr/travis-upgradetravis: update to Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty)Lubomir Rintel2 years
lr/travis3build: switch to trusty in travisLubomir Rintel4 years
lr/tundevices/tun: add GetFd API for getting a fd for given deviceLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/ugly-descriptionslibnm/device: use the type name for description if the product is emptyLubomir Rintel24 months
lr/version-dirbuild: qualify plugin dir name with a version stringLubomir Rintel21 months
lr/vf-names-rh1155226ethernet: use virtual function & port for connection descriptionLubomir Rintel5 years
lr/wifi-dataplatform: clean up wifi_data for interface when it goes awayLubomir Rintel21 months
lr/wifi-meshclients: Wi-Fi Mesh supportLubomir Rintel7 months
lr/wimax-rfkillintrospection: fix documentation for Wimax(Hardware)?EnabledLubomir Rintel5 months
lr/wpa-ftsupplicant: allow fast transition for WPA-PSK and WPA-EAPLubomir Rintel7 months
lr/wpan-channelcli: add support for and propertiesLubomir Rintel16 months
lr/wpscli: add WPS PIN supportLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/wps2cli: add WPS PIN enrollment supportLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/wps2-pincli: add WPS PIN enrollment supportLubomir Rintel3 years
lr/wwan-ppp-route-rh1585611wwan: ensure the route parameters are set on IPv6 only configurationLubomir Rintel20 months
lr/zanata666-checkLubomir Rintel3 years
masterbond: merge branch 'th/bond-allow-arp-validate'Thomas Haller20 hours
mbcakeep up with trunkAntti Kaijanmäki12 years
mesonfixup! build: add initial support for meson build systemThomas Haller2 years
modem-managerMerge from trunk r3901Dan Williams12 years
nm-0-6-olpc2008-01-18 Dan Williams <>Dan Williams12 years
nm-0-9-10platform: fix memleak in _nl_link_parse_info_data()Thomas Haller4 years
nm-0-9-6policy: fix setting system hostname (rh #875085)Jiří Klimeš7 years
nm-0-9-8connectivity: explicitly set the default interval for connectivity checkingMathieu Trudel-Lapierre5 years
nm-1-0dhcp6: make sure we have enough space for the DHCP6 option headerLennart Poettering16 months
nm-1-10device: fix reapplying changes to connection ID and UUIDThomas Haller7 months
nm-1-12ovs: allow changing mac address of bridges and interfacesBeniamino Galvani5 weeks
nm-1-14ovs: allow changing mac address of bridges and interfacesBeniamino Galvani5 weeks
nm-1-16ovs: allow changing mac address of bridges and interfacesBeniamino Galvani5 weeks
nm-1-18supplicant: fix memory corruption with wrong argument to NM_SUPPLICANT_INTERF...Thomas Haller3 weeks
nm-1-2lldp: fix parsing of vlan-name attributeBeniamino Galvani15 months
nm-1-20dhcp: merge branch 'bg/dhcp-invalid-hostname'Beniamino Galvani10 days
nm-1-22bond: merge branch 'th/bond-allow-arp-validate' (partial backport)Thomas Haller20 hours
nm-1-4lldp: fix parsing of vlan-name attributeBeniamino Galvani15 months
nm-1-6device: fix reapplying changes to connection ID and UUIDThomas Haller7 months
nm-1-8device: fix reapplying changes to connection ID and UUIDThomas Haller7 months
pavlix/configfixup! core: use NMIP[46]Route in nm-ip[46]-configDan Williams7 years
pavlix/devicesWIP: core: add a proof-of-concept device testPavel Šimerda7 years
pavlix/nextmake depend on NetworkManager-wait-online.servicePavel Šimerda6 years
pavlix/runtimecore: implement update_connection() for VLANsPavel Šimerda6 years
pavlix/testsplatform: fix the cleanup testPavel Šimerda6 years
pavlix/unbounddns: preliminary support for unboundPavel Šimerda6 years
pavlix/unmanageddon't manage virtual devicesPavel Šimerda6 years
pavlix/variousWIP: keyfile: use 'connections' instead of 'system-connections'Pavel Šimerda6 years
remove-at-consoledbus: remove at_console policy sectionDan Williams8 years
rhel-8.1Add ./po/NetworkManager.potLubomir Rintel7 months
systemdsystemd: update code from upstream (2019-12-13)Thomas Haller2 months
th/add-and-activate2-apiall: return output dictionary from "AddAndActivate2"Thomas Haller13 months
th/cli-connection-handling-5WIP: cli: rework printing of "ap" device detailsThomas Haller19 months
th/cli-connection-handling-xWIP: cli: rework printing of "ap" device detailsThomas Haller20 months
th/cli-metaWIP: cli: move nmc_setting_get_valid_propertiesThomas Haller3 years
th/client-object-manager-dbus-leaklibnm: keep context-busy-watcher of NMClient alive for one more idle roundThomas Haller5 weeks
th/clients-test-select-fieldsclients/tests: add test for selecting fields from multiple connections with `...Thomas Haller2 months
th/dns-rc-manager-file-always-followdns: change main.rc-manager=file behavior to always follow symlinkThomas Haller21 months
th/fix-lgpl-license-violationslicense: relicense "libnm-core/nm-vpn-dbus-interface.h" under LGPL-2.1+Thomas Haller4 days
th/libnm-debugupdate to check internal context whether it's busyThomas Haller5 weeks
th/libnm-deprecate-sync-apilibnm: deprecate nm_client_check_connectivity() in 1.22Thomas Haller5 months
th/libnm-dns-entry-cleanuplibnm: avoid extra memory allocations in NMDnsEntryThomas Haller3 months
th/libnm-interface-name-cleanuplibnm: validate "connection.interface-name" at one place onlyThomas Haller19 hours
th/libnm-retire-wimaxlibnm: retire deprecated WiMAX NMObject typesThomas Haller4 months
th/libnm-team-fixes-pt2xxxxxThomas Haller11 months
th/libnm-testTESTThomas Haller3 weeks
th/libnm_janssonlibnm: rename variables that clash with jansson symbolsThomas Haller2 years
th/lr/initrd-ofwfixup! initrd: add devicetree supportThomas Haller6 months
th/no-gasyncresultmodem: cleanup nm_modem_deactivate_async()Thomas Haller16 months
th/no-polkit-agentWIP1Thomas Haller22 months
th/no-wifi-scan-rand-mac-addresscontrib/rpm: install "/usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-no-wifi-scan-rand-mac...Thomas Haller10 months
th/platform-link-type-metadataplatform: use nm_streq() instead of strcmp()Thomas Haller17 min.
th/policy-route-to-string-not-attributelibnm: when stringifying policy routing rule place "not" specifier after "pri...Thomas Haller7 months
th/pr/173clients/secret-agent-simple: support auth helpersLubomir Rintel17 months
th/ra-timeoutdevice: more unify handling of DHCP data for IPv4/IPv6 (client, config, state...Thomas Haller3 days
th/review/pr/162fixup! libnm: introduce NMDeviceWireguardThomas Haller19 months
th/review/tomegun/nettoolsfixup! dhcp: add nettools dhcp4 clientThomas Haller9 months
th/shared-library-refactoring-1build/meson: rename "nm_core_dep" to "libnm_core_dep"Thomas Haller10 months
th/strbufshared: use NMStrBuf in _nm_utils_enum_to_str_full()Thomas Haller15 months
th/supplicantsupplicant: rework wpa_supplicant handlingThomas Haller4 days
th/tmpall: drop explicit casts from _GET_PRIVATE() macro callsThomas Haller6 days
th/tmp2TEST2Thomas Haller6 weeks
th/valgrind-fixesvalgrind: suppress leaks for g_get_language_names_with_category()Thomas Haller9 months
th/variousclients/secret-agent-simple: support auth helpersLubomir Rintel17 months
th/various-settings-cleanup-5libnm,cli,ifcfg-rh: add connection:wait-device-timeout propertyThomas Haller7 months
th/wifi-ap-max-rate-bgo779771Revert "wifi: use highest rate IE field instead of MCSs for VHT"Beniamino Galvani3 years
th/wifi-gbytes-ssidwifi: refactor nm_wifi_ap_set_ssid() to accept GBytesThomas Haller18 months
th/wifi-special-ssidswifi: no longer special case SSID "<hidden>"Thomas Haller18 months
th/wip/NMPlatformHwAddressdhcp: refactor using NMPlatformHwAddressThomas Haller6 years
th/wip/NMStringIndexlibnl-util: add NMStringTableThomas Haller6 years
th/wip/bgo697525_ifcfg_rh_route_parsingWIP: ifcfg-rh: be more strict when parsing IPv6 routesThomas Haller5 years
th/wip/bgo726280_dhcp6_wait_llWIP: device: delay dhcp6_start for LLDan Williams5 years
th/wip/bondprobsbond: add proper properties to NMSettingBondDan Winship6 years
th/wip/dbus-object-export-refcore: make exporting of NMDBusObject ref-countedThomas Haller23 months
th/wip/device-generate-stable-id-bgo758301device: support dynmically generated stable-id tokensThomas Haller4 years
th/wip/ifcfg-rh-get_indexed_keyifcfg-rh: refactor to use utils_get_indexed_key_*() functionsThomas Haller6 years
th/wip/ipv4-shared-address-rangeWIPThomas Haller4 years
th/wip/libnm-keyfile-bgo749363libnm/keyfile: add meta-data supportThomas Haller4 years
th/wip/run-stateWIP: config: allow storing and retrieving device run-stateThomas Haller4 years
th/wip/run-state-1core: add nm_utils_carray_remove_at_indexes() functionThomas Haller4 years
th/wip/setting-metadata-bgo732292WIPThomas Haller6 years
th/wip/setting-metadata2-bgo732292libnl-util: add nm-meta-setting.hThomas Haller6 years
th/wip/util/carray-remove-at-indexesutils: add nm_utils_carray_remove_at_indexes() functionThomas Haller4 years
th/wip/util/multi-index-update-and-lookupmultiindex: add function to combine update and lookupThomas Haller4 years
th/wip/util/nm-ref-stringutils: add NMRefStringThomas Haller4 years
th/wireguard-routingwireguard: support configuring policy routing to avoid routing loopsThomas Haller7 months
trunk2008-12-11 Dan Williams <>Dan Williams11 years
vb/automationautomation: build packages in builder's home dirVladimír Beneš5 months
1.22.9-devcommit 6e12b31d1f...Antonio Cardace44 hours
1.22.8commit fa6c656473...Antonio Cardace44 hours
1.22.6commit 5966766b65...Antonio Cardace3 weeks
1.22.7-devcommit 4e756b1f44...Antonio Cardace3 weeks
1.22.5-devcommit 8c2f8b3193...Beniamino Galvani6 weeks
1.22.4commit 76b6f2a6ba...Beniamino Galvani6 weeks
1.20.11-devcommit ee7bbddb6f...Antonio Cardace6 weeks
1.20.10commit d4030b240e...Antonio Cardace6 weeks
1.22.3-devcommit 202c556d94...Beniamino Galvani8 weeks
1.22.2commit eacbbabd13...Beniamino Galvani8 weeks
1.23.1-devcommit bc2ca6e603...Thomas Haller2 months
1.22.1-devcommit e4e6104c0c...Thomas Haller2 months
1.22.0commit 7fe734f8bc...Thomas Haller2 months
1.23.0-devcommit 0c06a0f368...Thomas Haller3 months
1.22-rc1commit 9b8c4c1cfd...Thomas Haller3 months
1.20.9-devcommit cbecc4318c...Lubomir Rintel3 months
1.20.8commit 4ef92efc07...Lubomir Rintel3 months
1.20.7-devcommit 3478b515e5...Beniamino Galvani3 months
1.20.6commit 7910cdfe5a...Beniamino Galvani3 months
1.21.3-devcommit 4e34807a8c...Lubomir Rintel4 months
1.18.5-devcommit efb18be2cb...Thomas Haller4 months
1.18.4commit 92b19a1e69...Thomas Haller4 months
1.20.5-devcommit fe1af3c23b...Thomas Haller5 months
showcommit fe1af3c23b...Thomas Haller5 months
1.20.4commit 27dee3b113...Thomas Haller5 months
1.21.2-devcommit e28460819c...Thomas Haller5 months
1.20.3-devcommit b2447b4169...Lubomir Rintel6 months
1.20.2commit 4ef27f896e...Lubomir Rintel6 months
1.16.5-devcommit 6c7bd42ddd...Thomas Haller6 months
1.16.4commit 1e1c76a9db...Thomas Haller6 months
1.21.1-devcommit 96339fa5ea...Thomas Haller7 months
1.20.1-devcommit 2aeab98639...Thomas Haller7 months
1.20.0commit c438f01b19...Thomas Haller7 months
1.21.0-devcommit 0dd087e4b6...Thomas Haller7 months
1.20-rc1commit e5912389c6...Thomas Haller7 months
1.18.3-devcommit 747021681b...Lubomir Rintel7 months
1.18.2commit b77764a9cd...Lubomir Rintel7 months
1.19.5-devcommit bdc57c3d70...Lubomir Rintel8 months
1.19.4-devcommit 7d3a957c98...Lubomir Rintel8 months
1.19.3-devcommit f51548f8d7...Lubomir Rintel9 months
1.16.3-devcommit 373ddf2907...Beniamino Galvani9 months
1.16.2commit 44054f202c...Beniamino Galvani9 months
1.19.2-devcommit 0777a26fc1...Lubomir Rintel10 months
1.19.1-devcommit b237c4303f...Thomas Haller10 months
1.18.1-devcommit 25c6aa2968...Thomas Haller10 months
1.18.0commit cb73953183...Thomas Haller10 months
1.19.0-devcommit 8849edbd64...Thomas Haller10 months
1.18-rc1commit 5d804fcba7...Thomas Haller10 months
1.17.3-devcommit 43d9187c14...Lubomir Rintel10 months
1.17.2-devcommit 9a8fe5f339...Lubomir Rintel11 months
1.17.1-devcommit e491b46800...Thomas Haller11 months
1.16.1-devcommit 63b2201302...Thomas Haller11 months
1.16.0commit 15a6b41239...Thomas Haller11 months
1.16-rc2commit 96be30cbcc...Thomas Haller11 months
1.17.0-devcommit a537e0dcce...Thomas Haller12 months
1.16-rc1commit 11f02622aa...Thomas Haller12 months
1.14.7-devcommit 2f2f065a43...Thomas Haller12 months
1.14.6commit dc56a21ed6...Thomas Haller12 months
1.15.2-devcommit 862721d269...Thomas Haller13 months
1.12.7-devcommit a47c3b2e24...Thomas Haller15 months
1.12.6commit 913feaed77...Thomas Haller15 months
1.10.15-devcommit 4e0804b7ec...Beniamino Galvani15 months
1.10.14commit 19339501a7...Beniamino Galvani15 months
1.14.5-devcommit 5e8d7bfbd1...Lubomir Rintel16 months
1.14.4commit 66cad942f2...Lubomir Rintel16 months
1.14.3-devcommit 18471c9db8...Lubomir Rintel16 months
1.14.2commit ef5ada1d1d...Lubomir Rintel16 months
1.10.13-devcommit e74f310d30...Thomas Haller17 months
1.10.12commit 912548d37a...Thomas Haller17 months
1.12.5-devcommit d506400ef3...Thomas Haller17 months
1.12.4commit 2e4ca55635...Thomas Haller17 months
1.14.1-devcommit a9ad4bcbb5...Thomas Haller17 months
1.14.0commit 2979c891c4...Thomas Haller17 months
1.15.0-devcommit 57cfc6f19d...Thomas Haller17 months
1.14-rc1commit 16ad82f967...Thomas Haller17 months
1.13.3-devcommit 72db613ca7...Thomas Haller18 months
1.13.2-devcommit 1d7372462d...Lubomir Rintel19 months
1.12.3-devcommit e2bc6ba935...Lubomir Rintel19 months
1.12.2commit 1e74a4b43e...Lubomir Rintel19 months
1.13.1-devcommit cbeb34d355...Thomas Haller20 months
1.12.1-devcommit ae6661fdce...Thomas Haller20 months
1.12.0commit 8964dbe8bc...Thomas Haller20 months
1.8.9-devcommit 2d23f2142c...Thomas Haller20 months
1.8.8commit 0d234b6f38...Thomas Haller20 months
1.10.11-devcommit ce5b8ac8a4...Thomas Haller20 months
1.10.10commit 25c3239d04...Thomas Haller20 months
1.13.0-devcommit fb9edd5edd...Thomas Haller20 months
1.12-rc1commit e0d7e29334...Thomas Haller20 months
1.11.4-devcommit 960632ee7b...Lubomir Rintel21 months
1.10.9-devcommit 7ce845a2a2...Beniamino Galvani21 months
1.10.8commit cb96d787c9...Beniamino Galvani21 months
1.11.3-devcommit 5d5b9d7ce0...Thomas Haller22 months
1.11.2-devcommit b6059158b5...Thomas Haller23 months
1.10.7-devcommit 4c9ebd5abb...Thomas Haller23 months
1.10.6commit dd8cf21cea...Thomas Haller23 months
1.10.5-devcommit f781411ceb...Lubomir Rintel2 years
1.10.4commit f781411ceb...Lubomir Rintel2 years
1.8.7-devcommit 01d41c08a7...Lubomir Rintel2 years
1.8.6commit 15eeb1c895...Lubomir Rintel2 years
1.10.3-devcommit 1bcbf88a62...Beniamino Galvani2 years
1.10.2commit 7ebc925845...Beniamino Galvani2 years
1.10.1-devcommit ddc889ff6b...Thomas Haller2 years
1.11.1-devcommit 75e79b2976...Thomas Haller2 years
1.10.0commit 1193fb1b08...Beniamino Galvani2 years
1.11.0-devcommit c2c44d16f4...Beniamino Galvani2 years
1.10-rc1commit de6b348bfc...Beniamino Galvani2 years
1.9.3-devcommit 429a1becbb...Beniamino Galvani2 years
1.8.5-devcommit 291aa5cfa8...Thomas Haller2 years
1.8.4commit 51fdc50ab1...Thomas Haller2 years
1.9.2-devcommit 81f35191ea...Thomas Haller2 years
1.6.5-devcommit f8bc8d0a3e...Beniamino Galvani3 years
1.6.4commit 6ef7e37553...Beniamino Galvani3 years
1.4.7-devcommit 6facaef7ac...Beniamino Galvani3 years
1.4.6commit 2e32ec587b...Beniamino Galvani3 years
1.8.3-devcommit ec0a2e19c6...Thomas Haller3 years
1.8.2commit 9ed1921ce3...Thomas Haller3 years
1.9.1-devcommit 5dd335584c...Thomas Haller3 years
1.8.1-devcommit 765c107fe5...Thomas Haller3 years
1.8.0commit 9c3df9caa3...Thomas Haller3 years
1.9.0-devcommit 1fcb3b40c2...Thomas Haller3 years
1.8-rc3commit 258b863130...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.8-rc2commit 1d08fba49b...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.8-rc1commit aac581d4ec...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.7.2-devcommit b3f6bf3daf...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.6.3-devcommit 0770d7e68e...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.6.2commit 037a12f96e...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.7.1-devcommit 93b632a7fa...Thomas Haller3 years
1.6.1-devcommit 0e7272b195...Thomas Haller3 years
1.6.0commit 2554a8736d...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.6-rc2commit 701f79280f...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.7.0-devcommit d5685c183c...Thomas Haller3 years
1.6-rc1commit ba414491b7...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.4.5-devcommit 64a8a61822...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.4.4commit 3c70a03cf5...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.5.3-devcommit 1dbab8fded...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.2.7-devcommit 567220aa83...Beniamino Galvani3 years
1.2.6commit 0001318d9f...Beniamino Galvani3 years
1.5.2-devcommit af96d0bf82...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.4.3-devcommit 7bf10b4cca...Beniamino Galvani3 years
1.4.2commit fa4913a521...Beniamino Galvani3 years
1.5.1-devcommit 2a314557c7...Thomas Haller3 years
1.4.1-devcommit b29683782c...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.4.0commit 93b4119a81...Lubomir Rintel3 years
1.4-rc1commit 40d5749ec1...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.5.0-devcommit b2eb64a439...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.2.5-devcommit f92a4e6f86...Francesco Giudici4 years
1.2.4commit 54a84c6b3b...Francesco Giudici4 years
1.4-beta1commit 5c45327056...Beniamino Galvani4 years
1.2.3-devcommit 97f317af7a...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.2.2commit 8f6d416768...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.2.1-devcommit 65676f9fd9...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.2.0commit d3d648f9ef...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.2-rc2commit 304f676e6e...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.3.0-devcommit 350d96a9ee...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.2-rc1commit aab24b4e10...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.0.13-devcommit 13eb842d7e...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.0.12commit 5fea022c0e...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.2-beta3commit 24caeb33b7...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.2-beta2commit e0abe36ae7...Beniamino Galvani4 years
1.2-beta1commit 83d043b112...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.0.10commit c163759fe4...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.0.9-devcommit dd32d973b0...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.0.8commit faea1ff074...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.0.7-devcommit 0ae203bf9d...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.0.6commit 59deb78f85...Lubomir Rintel4 years
1.0.5-devcommit a54618e722...Lubomir Rintel5 years
1.0.4commit f27429138f...Lubomir Rintel5 years
1.0.3-devcommit 777482aa82...Dan Williams5 years
1.0.2commit 4e6481cb73...Lubomir Rintel5 years
1.1.0-devcommit fa6a9e9dbf...Dan Williams5 years f2e6c20f5c...Dan Williams5 years e7ba254703...Dan Williams5 years e7ba254703...Dan Williams5 years
1.0.0commit acdaf78a06...Dan Williams5 years
1.0-rc1commit 9e6e9f89d5...Dan Williams5 years
0.995.0.0commit 9e6e9f89d5...Dan Williams5 years
0.995commit 9e6e9f89d5...Dan Williams5 years
0.9.10commit 6eb82acd6d...Dan Williams6 years 6eb82acd6d...Dan Williams6 years
0.9.10-rc1commit 63b0a2f5e6...Dan Williams6 years 63b0a2f5e6...Dan Williams6 years
0.9.10-beta1commit c817409fc0...Dan Williams6 years c817409fc0...Dan Williams6 years b784f9700a...Dan Winship6 years 76a9c6e0fb...Dan Winship6 years 16bbc90c16...Dan Winship6 years 5b3bfe69ab...Dan Winship6 years daf4671c26...Dan Winship6 years a4509298eb...Dan Winship6 years 9b82977c6b...Dan Williams7 years 513d28d430...Dan Williams7 years
0.9.8-beta2commit 709bcaab22...Dan Williams7 years 709bcaab22...Dan Williams7 years
0.9.8-beta1commit 750147f94d...Dan Williams7 years 750147f94d...Dan Williams7 years 29893eac1a...Dan Williams7 years 504a83ea02...Dan Williams8 years 5d87030c26...Dan Williams8 years
0.9.6-rc2commit 5d87030c26...Dan Williams8 years 772d03fa79...Dan Williams8 years
0.9.6-rc1commit 772d03fa79...Dan Williams8 years 3f7f5e50de...Dan Williams8 years 4f0ddb105a...Dan Williams8 years
0.9.4-rc1commit 4f0ddb105a...Dan Williams8 years 3efd156f50...Dan Williams8 years
0.9.4-beta1commit 3efd156f50...Dan Williams8 years 78a8afac6c...Dan Williams8 years
0.9.2commit c04e00219c...Dan Williams8 years c04e00219c...Dan Williams8 years
0.8.6commit a557791187...Dan Williams8 years a557791187...Dan Williams8 years 582a8407ba...Dan Williams8 years
0.9.2-rc1commit 582a8407ba...Dan Williams8 years 9aa7c96b02...Dan Williams8 years
0.8.6-rc2commit 9aa7c96b02...Dan Williams8 years d8edf0ec3a...Dan Williams8 years
0.9.2-beta1commit d8edf0ec3a...Dan Williams8 years a07041d5d8...Dan Williams8 years
0.8.6-rc1commit a07041d5d8...Dan Williams8 years
0.9.0commit 832c1aa69b...Dan Williams9 years f1ea104773...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.6-beta2commit f1ea104773...Dan Williams9 years b76292a15a...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.6-beta1commit b76292a15a...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.9997commit 57e7ccca6d...Dan Williams9 years
0.9-rc3commit 57e7ccca6d...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.999commit 0105be530e...Dan Williams9 years
0.9-rc2commit 0105be530e...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.4commit 0cf6560cee...Dan Williams9 years 0cf6560cee...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.998commit 27796075e7...Dan Williams9 years
0.9.0-rc1commit 27796075e7...Dan Williams9 years 3255675ceb...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.4-rc2commit 3255675ceb...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.997commit a1fac30e6b...Dan Williams9 years
0.9.0-beta3commit a1fac30e6b...Dan Williams9 years d09e5d960a...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.4-rc1commit d09e5d960a...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.996commit d7ee1af12e...Dan Williams9 years
0.9.0-beta2commit d7ee1af12e...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.995commit 8ce5459724...Dan Williams9 years
0.9.0-beta1commit 8ce5459724...Dan Williams9 years 1a4dc1329b...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.4-beta3commit 1a4dc1329b...Dan Williams9 years ddc4bc77c5...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.4-beta2commit ddc4bc77c5...Dan Williams9 years 8b3592635e...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.4-beta1commit 8b3592635e...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.2commit 3115d77bf6...Dan Williams9 years 11e89cef3d...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.2-rc1commit 11e89cef3d...Dan Williams9 years 8f16140c5a...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.2-beta2commit 8f16140c5a...Dan Williams9 years 0987495c85...Dan Williams9 years
0.8.2-beta1commit 0987495c85...Dan Williams9 years
0.7.3commit 6faff812de...Dan Williams10 years
0.8.1commit 80c16a1973...Dan Williams10 years 9f4f97bea2...Dan Williams10 years
0.8.1-rccommit 9f4f97bea2...Dan Williams10 years 7e23933a36...Dan Williams10 years
0.8.1-beta2commit 7e23933a36...Dan Williams10 years f3057a6844...Dan Williams10 years
0.8.1-beta1commit f3057a6844...Dan Williams10 years 4de1eb9b25...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.3-beta3commit 4de1eb9b25...Dan Williams10 years d6ec09da8c...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.3-beta2commit d6ec09da8c...Dan Williams10 years
0.8commit d75aa067e3...Dan Williams10 years 4a3aea12e6...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.3-beta1commit 4a3aea12e6...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.999commit 3cd457a26a...Dan Williams10 years
0.8-rc3commit 3cd457a26a...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.998commit 306e01d6b0...Dan Williams10 years
0.8-rc2commit 306e01d6b0...Dan Williams10 years
0.8-rc1commit cbe313b447...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.997commit 30ca263727...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.2commit 64a2e15442...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.2-rc4commit a3204b9db9...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.2-rc3commit ba5f2895b7...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.2-rc2commit 591a7e6aa3...Dan Williams10 years
0.7.1commit b2b8c116ce...Dan Williams11 years
0.7.1-rc4commit 838691b891...Dan Williams11 years
0.7.1-rc3commit 7b45be4c8f...Dan Williams11 years
0.7.1-rc2commit e469016b74...Dan Williams11 years
0.7.1-rc1commit 6176cc6808...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_1_RELEASEcommit 5eacbd27ac...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_2_RELEASEcommit 21df0516ae...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_3_RELEASEcommit 90d24425f0...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_4_RELEASEcommit 23d40bbec8...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_5_98commit 9ee12c2e9c...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_5_99commit 20218c1865...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_5_RELEASEcommit 388c696cfc...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_6_RELEASEcommit 46030123a0...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_7_0_RC1commit 8e8910cb18...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_7_0_RC2commit 16b0230da5...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_7_0_RELEASEcommit f63b8b17da...Dan Williams11 years
RELEASE_0_6_0commit 856ac8ace7...Dan Williams11 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_5_1_RELEASEcommit 816fad0244...(no author)14 years
NETWORKMANAGER_0_5_0_RELEASEcommit eae1ee00a4...(no author)14 years
NETWORK_MANAGER_VPNC_0_3commit 7d370a0e9e...(no author)15 years
NM_0_4_1_RELEASEcommit bb84fe9b64...(no author)15 years
STABLE_0_3_5_RELEASEcommit b450082c16...(no author)15 years
STABLE_0_3_5_PRE_SLEEPcommit 2df9a5ddf6...(no author)15 years
STABLE_0_3_5_PRE_COMPLETIONcommit 6c67ad626a...(no author)15 years
STABLE_0_3_4_RELEASEcommit 4ad71787e7...(no author)15 years
0.3.1commit 98439b6fb9...Jonathan Blandford15 years
NetworkManager-0_3_1commit 310e1a336d...(no author)15 years
0.3commit b167200d9c...Dan Williams15 years
0.3.0commit b167200d9c...Dan Williams15 years
NetworkManager-0_3commit b9f7b27e9a...(no author)15 years
NetworkManager-0_2commit 7d439b917b...(no author)15 years
0.2commit b0aed3a227...Dan Williams15 years
NetworkManager-0_1commit a70cfb8179...(no author)16 years
network_manager_initialcommit bb2cbc61d9...(no author)16 years