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16 hoursplatform: add support for configuring bridge settings via netlinkSayed Shah11-4/+252
16 hoursnmp-object: add space before parenthesesSayed Shah1-25/+24
35 hoursl3cfg: change l3cd for-each macros to take pointers instead of variable namesThomas Haller3-19/+19
35 hoursshared: change NM_SWAP() macro to take pointer argumentsThomas Haller4-5/+5
37 hoursinitrd: wait for bootdev or all devices if rd.neednet=1bg/initrd-wait-rh1853348Beniamino Galvani3-3/+104
37 hoursinitrd: disable STP on bridgesBeniamino Galvani2-3/+10
42 hoursbond: let 'reapply()' reapply all supported optionsac/bond_reapplyAntonio Cardace1-40/+101
42 hoursbond: fix can_reapply_change() false positivesAntonio Cardace1-24/+7
43 hoursplatform: add the NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_WAKE_ON_WLAN_IGNORE status checkLi-Hao Liao (Leon Liao)1-1/+4
43 hourspolicy: get the DHCPv6 hostname from the FQDN optionbg/dhcpv6-hostname-rh1858344Beniamino Galvani1-1/+1
43 hoursdhcp: export the DHCPv6 FQDN optionBeniamino Galvani3-0/+11
3 daysl3cfg: rework merging NML3ConfigData to give more control over how to mergeThomas Haller3-114/+95
3 daysl3cfg: add more API to NML3ConfigDataThomas Haller2-21/+213
3 daysl3cfg: forward declare NML3ConfigData in "nm-types.h"Thomas Haller2-2/+1
3 daysl3cfg: add nm_l3_config_data_set_source()Thomas Haller2-0/+23
3 daysl3cfg: rename NML3ConfigData instances from l3cfg to l3cdThomas Haller4-57/+57
3 dayscore: add NMIPConfig as base class for NMIP[46]ConfigThomas Haller7-17/+205
3 dayscore: change NM_IS_IP_CONFIG() to have no additional argumentThomas Haller5-9/+11
3 dayscore: add nm_dbus_object_unexport_on_idle() helperThomas Haller2-0/+30
3 dayscore: merge IPv4/IPv6 implementations of nm_utils_ip_{addresses,routes}_to_db...Thomas Haller4-258/+165
3 dayscore: extract helper functions for creating address/route variant for D-BusThomas Haller4-271/+397
3 daysdhcp: cleanup "nm-dhcp-utils.c"Thomas Haller1-69/+53
3 daysdhcp/nettools: don't use systemd header "hostname-util.h" in "nm-dhcp-nettool...Thomas Haller1-3/+2
3 daysshared,core: extend nm_utils_is_specific_hostname() and move to sharedThomas Haller1-14/+0
4 dayssystemd: merge branch systemd into masterBeniamino Galvani13-58/+194
4 dayssystemd: update code from upstream (2020-08-04)systemdBeniamino Galvani14-61/+197
5 dayswifi: avoid crash due to incomplete Wi-Fi API infoThomas Haller1-0/+7
8 daysl3cfg: track externally removed addresses/routesThomas Haller5-32/+390
8 daysl3cfg: add support for tracking routes that are currently unavailableThomas Haller2-6/+254
8 daysl3cfg: add nm_l3cfg_platform_commit()Thomas Haller4-1/+85
8 daysl3cfg: track route-table sync mode in NML3ConfigDataThomas Haller3-7/+45
8 daysl3cfg: add nm_l3_config_data_add_dependent_routes()Thomas Haller3-0/+350
8 daysl3cfg: support tracking NML3ConfigData in NML3CfgThomas Haller4-31/+625
8 daysl3cfg: support more properties in NML3ConfigDataThomas Haller2-25/+140
8 daysl3cfg: add flags for affecting how add-object works for NML3ConfigDataThomas Haller2-47/+102
8 daysl3cfg: add nm_l3_config_data_cmp()/nm_l3_config_data_equal()Thomas Haller2-0/+108
8 daysl3cfg: add NM_IS_L3_CONFIG_DATA() for asserting valid NML3ConfigData instancesThomas Haller2-25/+38
8 daysplatform: move full-sync parameter away from nm_platform_ip_address_sync()Thomas Haller2-24/+43
8 daysplatform: allow injecting the list of addresses to pruneThomas Haller2-13/+53
8 daysplatform: minor cleanup in nm_platform_ip_address_sync()Thomas Haller1-11/+10
8 daysplatform: merge nm_platform_ip_address_sync() implementationsThomas Haller2-277/+253
8 daysplatform: add NMP_OBJECT_TYPE_TO_ADDR_FAMILY() helperThomas Haller2-10/+10
8 dayscore: inline _add_local_route_from_addr[46] helper functionThomas Haller2-68/+42
8 daysdevice: use nm_utils_ip4_address_is_link_local() in nm_device_handle_ipv4ll_e...Thomas Haller1-4/+1
8 dayscore: use nm_utils_ip4_address_is_zeronet() helperThomas Haller1-10/+1
8 dayscore: add nm_utils_ip4_address_is_zeronet() helperThomas Haller1-0/+7
8 dayscore: add nm_utils_ip_address_same_prefix_cmp() helperThomas Haller1-0/+22
8 daysplatform: add nmp_object_indirect_id_*() helpersThomas Haller2-0/+22
8 daysplatform: add static assertion to check NMPlatformIP{Address,Route} struct la...Thomas Haller1-0/+8
8 daysplatform: add nm_platform_ip_route_get_gateway() helperThomas Haller1-0/+12