AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
6 hoursgitlab-ci: use old meson version on Ubuntu 16.04 to work with ninja-1.5.1th/tmpThomas Haller1-1/+2
6 hourscontrib/rpm: avoid bare words in spec fileThomas Haller1-2/+2
7 hoursgitlab-ci: set DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive for `apt-get install`Thomas Haller1-2/+2
8 hoursall: merge branch 'th/strtoll-workaround'Thomas Haller9-35/+186
22 hoursall: use wrappers for g_ascii_strtoll(), g_ascii_strtoull(), g_ascii_strtod()Thomas Haller3-24/+8
22 hoursshared: add nm_g_ascii_strtoull() to workaround bugThomas Haller2-0/+53
22 hoursshared: add nm_g_ascii_strtod() to workaround bugThomas Haller2-0/+40
22 hoursshared: add nm_g_ascii_strtoll() to workaround bugThomas Haller2-0/+70
22 hoursdevice/bluetooth: avoid g_ascii_strtoull() to parse capabilitiesThomas Haller1-1/+1
22 hoursifupdown: use _nm_utils_ascii_str_to_int64() for converting netmask to stringThomas Haller1-7/+4
22 hoursifcfg-rh/tests: add unit test for reading DEVTIMEOUT (connection.wait-device-...Thomas Haller2-0/+5
22 hoursifcfg: strip whitespaces around "DEVTIMEOUT"Thomas Haller1-2/+4
22 hoursinitrd: fix setting VLan ID in reader_parse_vlan()Thomas Haller1-1/+1
24 hoursman: clarify description of keyfiles in `man nm-settings-keyfile`Thomas Haller1-3/+5
24 hoursndisc/trivial: stype fixes in receive_ra()Thomas Haller1-2/+6
24 hoursIPv6 SLAAC: Clamp received PIO and RIO Lifetime ValuesFernando Gont1-6/+19
2 daysshared: add assertions to _parse_legacy_addr4() and _nm_utils_ascii_str_to_in...Thomas Haller1-2/+23
3 dayslibnm: ignore "Peer" property on Device.Veth interfaceThomas Haller1-0/+3
5 dayslicense: add Taegil to RELICENSE.mdThomas Haller1-0/+1
5 daysmeson: merge branch 'inigomartinez/meson-license'Thomas Haller65-0/+130
5 dayscore: prevent multiple attempts to create default wired connectionThomas Haller1-1/+8
6 daysinitrd: fix build error with assertions disabledBeniamino Galvani1-0/+1
6 dayswwan: merge branch 'a-wai/NetworkManager-fix-sim-unlock'Antonio Cardace2-1/+11
6 daysnm-modem: don't fail if secrets request times outArnaud Ferraris1-1/+2
6 daysnm-device-modem: deactivate device when modem unlockedArnaud Ferraris1-0/+9
7 daysinitrd: branch 'bg/initrd-cmdline-fixes'Beniamino Galvani3-226/+426
7 daysinitrd: add 'reader_' prefix to functions acting on ReaderBeniamino Galvani1-65/+68
7 daysinitrd: rework command line parsingBeniamino Galvani2-163/+309
7 daysinitrd: sort ibft connectionsBeniamino Galvani1-3/+6
7 daysinitrd: keep connections sortedBeniamino Galvani1-76/+122
7 daysinitrd: fix indentation in iBFT readerBeniamino Galvani1-2/+2
7 daysinitrd: generate ipv6.method=ignore connection with ip=dhcpBeniamino Galvani2-3/+3
7 daysinitrd: don't add empty connection if iBFT parsing failsBeniamino Galvani1-6/+8
7 daysovs: merge branch 'bg/ovs-interface-mtu-rh1808124'Beniamino Galvani5-20/+130
7 daysovs: set the MTU in ovsdb when changing platform MTU of ovs-interfaceBeniamino Galvani3-4/+54
7 daysovs: set MTU from connection when creating an internal interfaceBeniamino Galvani1-0/+12
7 daysovs/ovsdb: support changing the MTU of an ovs interfaceBeniamino Galvani2-16/+64
7 daysmerge: branch 'bg/ipv6-addresses-order-rh1814557'Beniamino Galvani8-50/+88
7 daysplatform: improve IPv6 address synchronizationBeniamino Galvani1-32/+63
7 daysplatform: sort IPv6 addresses from platform during syncBeniamino Galvani1-3/+8
7 daystests: replace NMTST_SWAP() by new NM_SWAP() macroThomas Haller6-19/+10
7 daysshared: add NM_SWAP() macroThomas Haller1-0/+11
8 daysbuild/meson: fix build by link nm-dispatcher with libnm-glib-aux.laThomas Haller1-0/+1
8 daysdispatcher: use nm_str_hash() for hash table in dispatcherThomas Haller1-1/+1
8 daysbuild: link nm-dispatcher with libnm-glib-aux.laThomas Haller1-0/+3
8 daysrdisc: avoid static variable in receive_ra()Thomas Haller1-1/+1
8 daysrdisc: fix parsing ndp_msg_opt_dnssl_lifetime() from IPv6 RAThomas Haller1-1/+1
9 dayscore: merge branch 'af/settings-add-matches' (part 1)Thomas Haller3-1/+61
9 daysutils: use nm_utils_strsplit_set_full() in nm_utils_proc_cmdline_split()Thomas Haller1-5/+13
9 daysshared: add NM_ASCII_WHITESPACES macroThomas Haller1-1/+6