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authorDan Williams <>2010-09-21 00:08:01 -0500
committerDan Williams <>2010-09-21 00:08:01 -0500
commit20acb482c53beabb59022be258f167233dd14959 (patch)
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dns: allow random source ports for BIND caching DNS
Despite most guides saying that without restricting to port 53 queries won't get through a firewall, I cannot make it work with this option. DNS queries through a WRT54G just time out even when the WRT54G isn't caching anything itself (ie, explicit upstream nameservers are the forwarders in the bind config).
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diff --git a/src/dns-manager/nm-dns-bind.c b/src/dns-manager/nm-dns-bind.c
index c225eb95d2..2e1ec67dec 100644
--- a/src/dns-manager/nm-dns-bind.c
+++ b/src/dns-manager/nm-dns-bind.c
@@ -349,7 +349,6 @@ update (NMDnsPlugin *plugin,
g_string_append (conf,
"options {\n"
" directory \"" LOCALSTATEDIR "/named\";\n"
- " query-source address * port 53;\n"
" forward only;\n"
" recursion yes;\n"
" listen-on-v6 { ::1; };\n"