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Revert "linux: Use VT_WAITEVENT if available to avoid spawn too many threads"
This reverts commit 2782cc8d4950effbc4407455e72bd4750cef6e11. VT_WAITEVENT is racy unfortunately, since events that happen between the time we woke up from a VT_WAITEVENT and we go into the next VT_WAITEVENT are lost completely.
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@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ Version 0.4.2
* Don't take bus name until ready (Ray Strode)
* systemd hookup (Lennart Poettering)
* add --since option to ck-history (William Jon McCann)
- * Reduce number of threads on Linux (Kan-Ru Chen)
* Other fixes (Anders Kaseor, Frederic Crozat, Matthias Clasen, Michael Biebl, William Jon McCann)