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Update README to reflect current state a bit better.
This driver is an X11 driver only, and the configure options are explained by configure --help. Let's not mirror this in the README, it may diverge otherwise. Add a very simple explanation on how to set up the driver fro hotplugging with HAL, xorg.conf configuration is better explained in the man page. Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer <>
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-April 23, 2009
+This package provides the X.Org X11 driver for Wacom and Wacom-like tablets.
+It obsoletes the linuxwacom driver and supports X server versions 1.7 and
+higher. Server versions lower than 1.7 may be supported by this driver, but
+users are encouraged to use the old linuxwacom driver instead.
-Most end users would probably only need to update the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file
-and sometime probably the Wacom X driver as well to use the rich features that
-Wacom tablets offer. The steps could be as simple as:
- $ su
- # cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak
- # gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf
-then follow the step listed at
-or "man wacom" if you don't have network access to add sections for Wacom device.
+Provided that hotplugging is enabled in the X server, the simplest
+configuration is to copy the wacom.fdi file into /etc/hal/fdi/policies and
+to restart HAL and then plug in the tablet. The driver will autoconfigure
-If by some reason your distribution doesn't have include Wacom driver or you want to
-to use the newer release, you can download the package then
+If hotplugging is not possible or desired, an InputDevice section in the
+xorg.conf with the Driver wacom will load the device. Details on the
+configuration can be found in xorg.conf(5) and wacom(4).
- $ bunzip2 linuxwacom.tar.bz2
- $ tar xvf linuxwacom.tar
- $ cd linuxwacom/prebuilt
- $ su
- # yum remove linuxwacom
- # ./uninstall
- # ./install
- # reboot
+Since this driver is an X11 driver only, a kernel driver is required to get
+hardware support. If the kernel driver is older than this driver, some
+features may not be available.
-However, if you have a USB tablet which is newer than your running kernel, i.e.,
-the tablet is not supported by your running kernel, or you are a developer who is
-willing to build the driver from the source, there are extra work waiting for you.
+ $ ./ --prefix=/usr
+Adjust the prefix according to your local setup, in most cases, a prefix of
+/usr is correct.
-As you would expect, run configure and make. Configure options are explained below.
$ ./configure && make
+Adjust the prefix according to your local setup, in most cases, a prefix of
+/usr is correct.
-This file contains hints for building the sources. There are a number of build
- targets, some of which are not built automatically. Here is the
- wacom.o: not built by default (--enable-wacom, --disable-wacom)
- wacdump: built by default (--enable-wacdump, --disable-wacdump)
- xidump: built by default (--enable-xidump, --disable-xidump)
- xsetwacom: built by default (--enable-xsetwacom, --disable-xsetwacom)
- hid.o: not built by default (--enable-hid, --disable-hid; Only kernels 2.6.18 or older need it.)
- wacom_drv.o: built by default (--enable-wacomdrv, --disable-wacomdrv)
-There are many options, and configure will attempt to guess the correct
-values for most of them. By default, only wacomcpl, xsetwacom, wacom_drv.o,
-xidump, and wacdump program are built.
Please surf the HOWTO page at
(or the miniHOWTO at if
you run a Fedora system) to find the proper options if the default building