BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bus-cleanup-take3xfree86: bus: remove unused macro checkingTiago Vignatti4 years
client-loggingHACK-but-turning-less-crap-than-before: dix: fix logging orderTiago Vignatti3 years
daniels-fixes-and-cleanupXWayland: Input: Add some FIXMEs and remove unused variableDaniel Stone20 months
ephyr-dri2kdrive: enable notfp feature for XephyrHaitao Feng4 years
generation-removalos: remove unused functionsTiago Vignatti5 years
inputthreadxfree86: use a thread for the generation of input eventsTiago Vignatti4 years
inputthread-commitsinputthread: use a WakeupHandler to pick up events on the input pipeTiago Vignatti4 years
lrmi-for-childrenint10: insert nokia copyrightTiago Vignatti4 years
masterXext: use EXT_MASK macro instead of manual & 0x7fPeter Hutterer3 years
maxscreenlessxnest: make screens structures run-time adjustableTiago Vignatti4 years
options-cleanupdix: delete logo hack screen saverTiago Vignatti4 years
registry-fixdix: introduce a hack for logging server workloadTiago Vignatti4 years
xwayland-1.12xwayland: Handle configure event for improved resizingTiago Vignatti22 months
xwm-clientxwayland: Track new protocol for xwm client side selectionTiago Vignatti19 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  xorg-server-1.6.5.tar.gz  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-  Peter Hutterer5 years  xorg-server-  Peter Hutterer5 years  xorg-server-1.7.0.tar.gz  Peter Hutterer5 years  xorg-server-  Peter Hutterer5 years  xorg-server-1.6.4.tar.gz  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-  Peter Hutterer5 years  xorg-server-  Peter Hutterer5 years  xorg-server-  Peter Hutterer5 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-1.6.3.tar.gz  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-1.6.2.tar.gz  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-1.6.1.tar.gz  Adam Jackson5 years  xorg-server-1.6.0.tar.gz  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard5 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard6 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard6 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard6 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard6 years  xorg-server-1.5.3.tar.gz  Adam Jackson6 years  xorg-server-1.5.2.tar.gz  Adam Jackson6 years  xorg-server-1.5.1.tar.gz  Adam Jackson6 years  xorg-server-1.5.0.tar.gz  Adam Jackson6 years  xorg-server-  Adam Jackson6 years  xorg-server-  Adam Jackson6 years  xorg-server-  Adam Jackson6 years  xorg-server-1.4.2.tar.gz  Julien Cristau6 years  xorg-server-1.4.1.tar.gz  Daniel Stone6 years  xorg-server-  Adam Jackson6 years  xorg-server-  Adam Jackson6 years  xorg-server-  Daniel Stone7 years  xorg-server-1.4.tar.gz  Eric Anholt7 years  xorg-server-  Eric Anholt7 years  xorg-server-  Daniel Stone7 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard7 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard7 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard7 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard7 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard7 years  xorg-server-  Keith Packard7 years  xorg-server-1.2.0.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years  xorg-server-  Adam Jackson8 years  xorg-server-  Adam Jackson8 years  xorg-server-  Daniel Stone8 years  xorg-server-  Adam Jackson8 years  xorg-server-  Daniel Stone8 years  xorg-server-1.1.1.tar.gz  Eric Anholt8 years  xorg-server-1_1_0.tar.gz  Eric Anholt8 years  XORG-7_1.tar.gz  Eric Anholt8 years  xorg-server-1_1_99_2.tar.gz  Daniel Stone8 years  xorg-server-1_0_99_903.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years  xorg-server-1_0_99_902.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years  XORG-7_0_99_901.tar.gz  Aaron Plattner8 years  xorg-server-1_0_99_901.tar.gz  Aaron Plattner8 years  xorg-server-1_1_99_1.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years  xorg-server-1_0_99_2.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years  xorg-server-1_0_99_1.tar.gz  Kristian Høgsberg8 years  server-1_0_2.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years  aiglx-pre-ext-tfp-conversion.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years  pre-xgldrop-merge.tar.gz  Dave Airlie9 years  XORG-7_0.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_99_99_904.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith9 years  MODULAR_COPY.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith9 years  XORG-6_99_99_903.tar.gz  Adam Jackson9 years  DRM-2_0_0.tar.gz  Adam Jackson9 years  XORG-6_8_99_903.tar.gz  Adam Jackson9 years  XORG-6_99_99_902.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_8_99_902.tar.gz  Kean Johnson9 years  DRM-1_0_5.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_99_99_901.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_8_99_901.tar.gz  Aaron Plattner9 years  DRM-20051017.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  kdrive-initial-import.tar.gz  Keith Packard9 years  xorg-server-0_99_1.tar.gz  Adam Jackson9 years  XORG-6_99_99_900.tar.gz  Adam Jackson9 years  XORG-6_8_99_900.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith9 years  XORG-6_8_99_16.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith9 years  XORG-6_8_99_15.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith9 years  XORG-6_8_99_14.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  XORG-6_8_99_13.tar.gz  Adam Jackson9 years  XORG-6_8_99_12.tar.gz  Søren Sandmann Pedersen9 years  DRM-20050615.tar.gz  Ian Romanick9 years  XORG-6_8_99_11.tar.gz  Adam Jackson9 years  CYGWIN-HEAD-LAST-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald9 years  CYGWIN-HEAD-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald9 years  XORG-6_8_99_10.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith9 years  XORG-6_8_99_9.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith9 years  XORG-6_8_99_8.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith9 years  XORG-6_8_99_7.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith9 years  XORG-6_8_99_6.tar.gz  Torrey Lyons9 years  sco_port_update-base.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald9 years  XORG-6_8_99_5.tar.gz  Egbert Eich9 years  XORG-6_8_99_4.tar.gz  Roland Mainz9 years  XORG-6_8_99_3.tar.gz  Torrey Lyons9 years  XORG-6_8_99_2.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald9 years  XORG-6_8_99_1.tar.gz  Torrey Lyons9 years  lg3d-rel-0-6-2.tar.gz  Deron Johnson9 years  CYGWIN-6_8_2-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald9 years  XORG-6_8_2.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_8_1_904.tar.gz  Roland Mainz9 years  XORG-6_8_1_903.tar.gz  Roland Mainz10 years  lg3d-rel-0-7-0.tar.gz  Deron Johnson10 years  rel-0-6-1.tar.gz  Deron Johnson10 years  XORG-6_8_1_902.tar.gz  Roland Mainz10 years  XORG-6_8_1_901.tar.gz  Roland Mainz10 years  CYGWIN-6_8_1-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  YGWIN-6_8_1-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  XORG-6_8_1.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin10 years  CYGWIN-6_8_0-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  XORG-6_8_0.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin10 years  lg3d-base.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin10 years  XORG-6_7_99_904.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin10 years  XORG-6_7_99_903.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_7_99_902.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin10 years  XORG-6_7_99_901.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin10 years  XORG-6_7_99_2.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin10 years  XORG-6_7_99_1.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin10 years  CYGWIN-PRE-6_8_0-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  DRM-20040721.tar.gz  Eric Anholt10 years  DRI-trunk-20040613.tar.gz  Eric Anholt10 years  DRI-trunk-20040721.tar.gz  Eric Anholt10 years  DRI-XFree86-4_3_99_12-merge.tar.gz  Eric Anholt10 years  DRM-20040613.tar.gz  Eric Anholt10 years  XACE-SELINUX-MERGE.tar.gz  Roland Mainz10 years  XORG-CURRENT-CLOSED.tar.gz  Roland Mainz10 years  before_20040421_xprint_branch_landing.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith10 years  XPRINT_BEGIN.tar.gz  Roland Mainz10 years  XORG-6_7_0.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-CYGWIN-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  xo-6_7_0.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-CYGWIN-LAST-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-STSF-FORK.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-TM-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-TM-CLOSED.tar.gz  Keith Packard10 years  XORG-TM-CYGWIN-LAST-MERGE.tar.gz  Keith Packard10 years  XORG-TM-CYGWIN-MERGE.tar.gz  Keith Packard10 years  XORG-CURRENT-premerge-release-1.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  CYGWIN-RELEASE-1-MERGE.tar.gz  Takuma Murakami10 years  XACE-SELINUX-BASE.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith10 years  XPRINT_BASE.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-TM-BASE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  xf86-4_4_99_1.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  IPv6-REVIEW-BASE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  DAMAGE-XFIXES-BASE.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith10 years  xf86-4_4_0.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  xf86-4_3_99_903.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XEVIE-MERGE.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-BASE.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley10 years  xf86-4_3_99_903_special.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley10 years  add-Xi.tar.gz  Jaymz Julian10 years  xf86-012804-2330.tar.gz  Egbert Eich11 years  XEVIE-BASE.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  xf86-4_3_99_902.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  xf86-4_3_99_901.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  dri-0-1-branchpoint.tar.gz  Anders Carlsson11 years  xf86-4_3_99_16.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  PRE_xf86-4_3_0_1.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  xf86-4_3_0_1.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  XORG-MAIN.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  xfixes_2_damage_done.tar.gz  Eric Anholt11 years  xfixes_2_branchpoint.tar.gz  Keith Packard11 years  keithp.tar.gz  Keith Packard11 years  xf-4_3_99_3.tar.gz  Marc Aurele La France11 years  xf-4_3_99_4.tar.gz  Marc Aurele La France11 years  xf-4_3_99_5.tar.gz  Marc Aurele La France11 years  xf-4_3_99_6.tar.gz  Marc Aurele La France11 years  xf-4_2_99_3.tar.gz  Egbert Eich12 years  xf-4_2_99_4.tar.gz  Egbert Eich12 years  xf-4_2_99_901.tar.gz  Egbert Eich12 years  xf-4_2_99_902.tar.gz  Egbert Eich12 years  xf-4_3_0.tar.gz  Egbert Eich12 years  xf-4_3_0_1.tar.gz  Egbert Eich12 years  xf-4_3_99_1.tar.gz  Egbert Eich12 years  xf-4_3_99_2.tar.gz  Egbert Eich12 years  ah-20021030-postdri.tar.gz  Alan Hourihane12 years  ah-20021030.tar.gz  Keith Packard12 years  xf-4_2_99_2.tar.gz  Keith Packard12 years  dhd-20020916.tar.gz  Keith Packard12 years  xf-4_2_99_1.tar.gz  David Dawes12 years  before-mesa-4_0-import.tar.gz  Keith Packard12 years  dri-20020222-merge.tar.gz  Keith Packard12 years  dri-20020129-merge.tar.gz  Keith Packard12 years  xf-4_2-bp.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_2_0.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_2_0-bindist.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_2_0-bindist-1.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_2_0_1.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_2_1.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_2_1_1.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  Domain-sync3.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  Domain-sync4.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_1_99_4.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_1_99_5.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_1_99_6.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_1_99_7.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  Domain-sync2.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_1_99_2.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  xf-4_1_99_3.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  Domain-base.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  Domain-sync1.tar.gz  Keith Packard13 years  dhd-20010817.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_1_99_1.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_0_99_901.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_0_99_902.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_1_0.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_1_0-bindist.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_1_0_1.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_0_99_2.tar.gz  Marc Aurele La France13 years  xf-4_0_99_3.tar.gz  Marc Aurele La France13 years  xf-4_0_99_900.tar.gz  Marc Aurele La France13 years  dhd-20010328.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_0_2a.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_0_2b.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_0_2c.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_0_3.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_0_3a.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  xf-4_0_99_1.tar.gz  David Dawes13 years  pre-R651-import.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1Zb.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1Zc.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_2.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_2-bindist.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1Z.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1Za.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1h.tar.gz  David Dawes14 years  xf-4_0_1g.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1d.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1e.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1f.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1c.tar.gz  David Dawes14 years  xf-4_0_1b.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0Z.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1-bindist.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0_1a.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0c.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0d.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0e.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0f.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0g.tar.gz  Keith Packard14 years  xf-4_0b.tar.gz  Marc Aurele La France14 years  xf-3_9_18Z.tar.gz  David Dawes14 years  xf-3_9_18Za.tar.gz  David Dawes14 years  xf-3_9_18a.tar.gz  David Dawes14 years  xf-3_9_18b.tar.gz  David Dawes14 years  xf-4_0.tar.gz  David Dawes14 years  xf-4_0-bindist.tar.gz  David Dawes14 years  xf-4_0a.tar.gz  David Dawes14 years  xf-3_9_17Z.tar.gz  David Dawes15 years  xf-3_9_17a.tar.gz  David Dawes15 years  xf-3_9_17b.tar.gz  David Dawes15 years  xf-3_9_17c.tar.gz  David Dawes15 years  xf-3_9_17d.tar.gz  David Dawes15 years  xf-3_9_17e.tar.gz  David Dawes15 years  xf-3_9_17f.tar.gz  David Dawes15 years  xf-3_9_18.tar.gz  David Dawes15 years  xf-3_9_16Za.tar.gz  Robin Cutshaw15 years  xf-3_9_17.tar.gz  Robin Cutshaw15 years  xf-3_9_16Z.tar.gz  Dirk Hohndel15 years  xf-3_9_16d.tar.gz  Dirk Hohndel15 years  xf-3_9_16e.tar.gz  Dirk Hohndel15 years  xf-3_9_16f.tar.gz  Dirk Hohndel15 years