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authorWill Thompson <>2012-02-01 13:05:08 (GMT)
committerWill Thompson <>2012-02-01 13:09:53 (GMT)
commiteecef2669555c65c20a01c55b7166593bac1d96b (patch)
parent43d93377facac1a7b9bae8e898c29b245ec476f5 (diff)
porter-test: fix /handler-stanza
test_close_porter() assumes test->sched_in has not been started, and calls wocky_xmpp_connection_recv_stanza_async() on test->in; the callback assumes that the call has failed with an error indicating that the stream has been closed. This would be fine if the test was sure there were no stanzas in the queue in test->in, but since my change to make WockyC2SPorter send back an error in response to unhandled IQs, this assumption is no longer true: there are error replies sitting around waiting to be handled. So this patch just makes this test turn both porters on and then use test_close_both_porters().
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/tests/wocky-porter-test.c b/tests/wocky-porter-test.c
index 4cd533b..662428a 100644
--- a/tests/wocky-porter-test.c
+++ b/tests/wocky-porter-test.c
@@ -1086,6 +1086,7 @@ test_handler_stanza (void)
')', NULL);
wocky_porter_start (test->sched_out);
+ wocky_porter_start (test->sched_in);
/* Send a not jingle IQ */
iq = wocky_stanza_build (WOCKY_STANZA_TYPE_IQ,
@@ -1175,7 +1176,7 @@ test_handler_stanza (void)
')', NULL);
send_stanza (test, iq, TRUE);
- test_close_porter (test);
+ test_close_both_porters (test);
teardown_test (test);