BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dmabuf-submitdrm/nouveau: export reservation_object from dmabuf to ttmMaarten Lankhorst3 weeks
fencesdriver core: platform: add device binding path 'driver_override'Kim Phillips3 months
fixed-fences-for-bisectdrm/nouveau: use shared fences for readable objects, EDITEDMaarten Lankhorst11 days
for-airlieddrm/ttm: get rid of ttm_bo_is_reservedMaarten Lankhorst16 months
for-airlied-nextdrm/nouveau: export reservation_object from dmabuf to ttmMaarten Lankhorst3 weeks
for-darktamadrm/nouveau: use separate copy engine channel on nvc0, and fix nve0 ceMaarten Lankhorst15 months
for-nouveaudrm/nouveau: require cli->mutex in RING_SPACEMaarten Lankhorst8 months
masterstash3Maarten Lankhorst3 months
rework-v11locking-selftests: handle unexpected failures more strictlyMaarten Lankhorst16 months
vmwgfx_wipdrm/i915: silence a real deadlock reported by lockdepMaarten Lankhorst2 months
v3.5commit 28a33cbc24...Linus Torvalds2 years
v3.5-rc7commit 84a1caf145...Linus Torvalds2 years
v3.5-rc6commit bd0a521e88...Linus Torvalds2 years
v3.5-rc5commit 6887a4131d...Linus Torvalds2 years
v3.5-rc4commit 6b16351acb...Linus Torvalds2 years
v3.5-rc3commit 485802a6c5...Linus Torvalds2 years
v3.5-rc2commit cfaf025112...Linus Torvalds2 years
v3.5-rc1commit f8f5701bda...Linus Torvalds2 years
v3.4commit 76e10d158e...Linus Torvalds2 years
v3.4-rc7commit 36be50515f...Linus Torvalds2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-07-21stash3HEADmasterMaarten Lankhorst8-17/+23
2014-07-21fixes to nouveau I submittedMaarten Lankhorst1-19/+26
2014-07-21drm/i915: add LVDS panel mode quirk for Macbook Pro 8,2Maarten Lankhorst2-8/+39
2014-07-21x86/apple-gmux: add sysfs entries to switch individual components separatelyMaarten Lankhorst1-0/+87
2014-07-21stsashMaarten Lankhorst3-5/+31
2014-07-21decrease useless paddingMaarten Lankhorst2-1/+2
2014-07-21There's some really badly broken software out there that is entirelyMaarten Lankhorst7-8/+80
2014-07-21drm/nouveau: add guard pages to vmMaarten Lankhorst3-0/+60
2014-07-21Merge branch 'dmabuf-submit'Maarten Lankhorst696-5012/+10468
2014-07-21i915: use excc for asynchronous signalling of prime, v3Maarten Lankhorst5-67/+347