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README: tell about configurations options and overhead
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@@ -56,7 +56,10 @@ GSTTL_{SHOW,HIDE} - specify log details, multiple entries separated with ';' (no
defaults (none given) are GSTTL_SHOW=<all>, GSTTL_HIDE=<none>
these are the details: "caps;chk;ev;mallinfo;msg;pad;qry;rusage;topo"
-Specifying both GSTTL_NO_LOG, GSTTL_NO_STATS is quite useless.
+Specifying both GSTTL_NO_LOG, GSTTL_NO_STATS is quite useless. Turning off the
+statistics will lower the overhead when capturing the trace (FIXME: ideally we
+will do statistics based on the log file). Also turning of some log details
+(e.g. mallinfo or rusage) can save overhead.
== Exploration ==
=== Plot graphs using gnuplot >=4.3 ===