BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterxwayland: Snap damage reports to the bounding boxAdam Jackson5 days
server-1.10-branchXQuartz: Short-circuit activateX:Jeremy Huddleston3 years
server-1.11-branchAvoid crash on button events on device without valuators.Michal Suchanek2 years
server-1.12-branchXQuartz: Avoid a possible deadlock with DRI on OS X 10.7.5 and OS X 10.8.2Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia23 months
server-1.13-branchxserver 1.13.4Peter Hutterer17 months
server-1.14-branchBump revision from 1.14.6 to 1.14.7Matt Dew3 months
server-1.15-branchBump version to 1.15.2Peter Hutterer3 months
server-1.16-branchBump to Cristau37 hours
server-1.8-branchFix CVE-2011-4029: File permission change vulnerability.Matthieu Herrb3 years
server-1.9-branchFix CVE-2011-4029: File permission change vulnerability.Matthieu Herrb3 years
xorg-server- 3ce47886c5...Julien Cristau36 hours
xorg-server-1.16.0commit 8b36e1ec8d...Keith Packard2 months
xorg-server- 9308eafb7d...Keith Packard2 months
xorg-server-1.15.2commit a0e938baa3...Peter Hutterer3 months
xorg-server-1.14.7commit 899fb6b6a7...Matt Dew3 months
xorg-server- 08820f0376...Keith Packard3 months
xorg-server-1.15.1commit 9182af8a09...Matt Dew5 months
xorg-server-1.14.6commit 46bcfa0a33...Matt Dew5 months
xorg-server- bd3de10f86...Keith Packard5 months
xorg-server- 300458fb8a...Matt Dew6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 daysxwayland: Snap damage reports to the bounding boxHEADmasterAdam Jackson1-9/+4
5 daysxwayland: Implement throttling for surfaces based on the frame eventJasper St. Pierre2-5/+31
5 daysxwayland-input: Fix a crasher for a race with the Wayland compositorJasper St. Pierre1-0/+9
5 daysglamor: Make glyph mask cache per-screenMichel Dänzer2-36/+37
5 daysglamor: Track glyph caching information per screenMichel Dänzer1-10/+13
5 daysglamor: Move 'glyph caches realized' check to glamor_realize_glyph_cachesMichel Dänzer2-10/+7
5 daysglamor: Call glamor_glyphs_init from glamor_create_screen_resourcesMichel Dänzer1-1/+5
5 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'jturney/master'Keith Packard13-39/+160
5 daysMake list tests actually test listsAlan Coopersmith1-12/+12
5 daysglx: Disable indirect GLX contexts by default.Eric Anholt1-1/+1