BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ati-6.6-branchradeon: Make sure 3D clients will re-upload textures to video RAM after LeaveVT.Michel Dänzer7 years
ati-6.7-branchRevert "radeon: Round down RMX stretch ratios."Michel Dänzer7 years
atombios-supportMerge branch 'master' into atombios-supportDave Airlie7 years
mach64-pciDrop pATI->Chipset, no longer used.George Sapountzis8 years
mach64-pci-1Drop pATI->Chipset, no longer used.George Sapountzis7 years
masterUnify byte swappersConnor Behan40 hours
pci-rehashradeon: restructure pci ids to avoid effort laterDave Airlie7 years
pci-rework[mach64] Revert to multiple mappings per BAR.George Sapountzis7 years
randr-1.2RADEON: Fix color problem on pre-R3xx chips tv-outAlex Deucher7 years
zaphod-lolzdisable tiling for zaphod headsDave Airlie7 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  xf86-video-r128-6.9.2.tar.gz  Tormod Volden10 months  xf86-video-r128-6.9.1.tar.gz  Dave Airlie22 months  xf86-video-r128-6.8.4.tar.gz  Dave Airlie2 years  xf86-video-r128-6.8.3.tar.gz  Dave Airlie2 years  xf86-video-r128-6.8.2.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith2 years  xf86-video-r128-6.8.1.tar.gz  Dave Airlie5 years  xf86-video-r128-6.8.0.tar.gz  Dave Airlie6 years  xf86-video-ati-6.8.0.tar.gz  Alex Deucher6 years  xf86-video-ati-6.7.197.tar.gz  Alex Deucher7 years  xf86-video-ati-6.7.196.tar.gz  Alex Deucher7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
40 hoursUnify byte swappersHEADmasterConnor Behan1-59/+8
40 hoursUnify allocatorsConnor Behan4-121/+62
9 daysUse standard integersConnor Behan12-145/+145
9 daysRemove pointless outputConnor Behan1-8/+6
9 daysCleanup info structConnor Behan3-43/+11
9 daysCleanup entity structConnor Behan6-24/+17
10 daysGet entity without code duplicationConnor Behan2-34/+8
10 daysChange register nameConnor Behan2-5/+5
2014-07-09Move display enabling code to DPMSConnor Behan2-10/+18
2014-07-09Split up output register functionsConnor Behan5-120/+157