BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.85configure: Fix build on debian by avoiding bashisms in the test command.Eric Anholt3 years Bump version to 1.0.6Kristian Høgsberg18 months
1.1xwayland: Use _exit() when exec() failsKristian Høgsberg15 months Bump version to 1.2.2Kristian Høgsberg13 months
1.3Fix sub-compositor duplicated symbolsKristian Høgsberg5 months
1.4input: Unlink saved kbd focus listener when releasing seatJonas Ådahl8 months
1.5desktop-shell: don't assume there's a pointer when mapping a popupJonny Lamb8 weeks bump version to 1.6.0Pekka Paalanen12 days
mastershell: don't crash on create_common_surface() failurePekka Paalanen6 hours
wayland-demos-0.8xserver: check whether pointer exists when exitingTiago Vignatti3 years
1.6.0commit 2858cc2a50...Pekka Paalanen12 days
1.5.93commit f1d2cc0d14...Pekka Paalanen3 weeks
1.5.92commit 386754cf79...Pekka Paalanen4 weeks
1.5.91commit 652c794b5d...Pekka Paalanen6 weeks
1.5.0commit 8801936220...Kristian Høgsberg4 months
1.4.93commit 7098948463...Kristian Høgsberg5 months
1.4.92commit d7d71e8d96...Kristian Høgsberg5 months
1.4.91commit 79d5a6ebe4...Kristian Høgsberg6 months
1.4.0commit 1811312537...Kristian Høgsberg8 months
1.3.93commit 7cccfcab13...Kristian Høgsberg8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 hoursshell: don't crash on create_common_surface() failureHEADmasterPekka Paalanen1-0/+6
32 hoursclients: add presentation-shm demoPekka Paalanen3-0/+876
32 hourstests: presentation test, simplePekka Paalanen2-0/+255
32 hourscompositor-drm: deliver frame seq for feedbackPekka Paalanen3-1/+16
32 hourscompositor: implement presentation_feedbackPekka Paalanen2-4/+149
34 hourscompositor: set and use the presentation clock everywherePekka Paalanen9-69/+161
34 hoursweston-info: report presentation clockPekka Paalanen2-0/+84
34 hourscompositor: add stub implementation of presentation interfacePekka Paalanen1-1/+46
34 hoursprotocol: add presentation extension v5Pekka Paalanen2-0/+245
9 daysshell: fix weston_output_mode_switch() usageDerek Foreman2-6/+6