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6 hoursresolved: when answer A or AAAA questions, order responses by whether address...Lennart Poettering2-3/+3
9 hoursnetworkd: fix reporting errors from hostnamedMichael Marineau1-1/+3
43 hoursnetworkd: route/address - use trivial hash functionsTom Gundersen4-13/+13
43 hoursnetworkd: unify handling of stacked netdevsTom Gundersen4-124/+27
43 hoursnetworkd: store ifindex as intTom Gundersen3-18/+12
44 hourssd-dhcp-client: drop event DHCP_EVENT_NO_LEASETom Gundersen1-3/+0
5 daysnetworkd: ipv4ll - default to setting up ipv4ll routesTom Gundersen3-0/+24
5 daysnetworkd: ipv4ll - drop unnecessary get_address()Tom Gundersen1-8/+0
6 dayssd-network: expose DNS/NTP servers as stringsTom Gundersen1-49/+18
6 daysnetworkd: merge DNS and NTP entries when exportingTom Gundersen5-95/+48
7 daysnetworkd: set route protocolDan Williams3-12/+17
8 daysnetworkd: bridge - use USEC_PER_MSEC macrosTom Gundersen1-3/+3
8 daysnetworkd: add support for bond optionsSusant Sahani3-0/+37
8 daysnetworkd: bond add support for lacp rateSusant Sahani3-0/+34
8 daysnetworkd: add support for bond transmit hash policySusant Sahani3-0/+60
9 daysnetworkd: netdev - split NetDev struct into per-kind structsTom Gundersen23-923/+686
9 dayssd-network: drop get_ifindicesTom Gundersen1-58/+0
12 dayschange type for address family to "int"Lennart Poettering4-10/+10
12 daysnetworkd-wait-online: fix comilation warningTom Gundersen2-12/+2
12 dayssd-rtnl: make string returned by sd_rtnl_message_read_string() constLennart Poettering3-5/+5
12 dayssd-network: fixup apiTom Gundersen2-79/+38
12 daysnetworkd-wait-online: track linksTom Gundersen5-176/+537
12 dayssd-network: expose 'unmanaged' as a regular stateTom Gundersen1-3/+1
13 daysnetworkd: fix colud typoZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek7-11/+11
13 dayssd-network: if a boolean is mising, we should just take it as falseLennart Poettering1-1/+1
13 dayssd-network: remove redundant array size parameter from functions that return ...Lennart Poettering3-31/+26
13 dayssd-network: fix parameter order for sd_network_monitor_new()Lennart Poettering2-2/+2
13 daystest-tables: add new entriesZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek1-0/+26
13 daystty-ask-password-agent: modernizationZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek1-1/+1
13 daysBe more careful when checking for empty filesZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2-7/+7
13 daysLet config_parse open file where applicableZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2-8/+4
2014-07-16Constify ConfigTableItem tablesZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2-3/+5
2014-07-15networkd: remove unused variableThomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen1-1/+0
2014-07-15networkd: netdev - set mac for bond/bridge devicseTom Gundersen2-0/+20
2014-07-15sd-dhcp-client: make request broadcasts opt-inTom Gundersen3-0/+6
2014-07-14networkd: link - fix memory leakTom Gundersen1-0/+3
2014-07-14test: network - skip if we don't have permissions to create netdevsTom Gundersen1-3/+14
2014-07-14networkd: netdev - introduce vtable for netdev kindsTom Gundersen25-622/+697
2014-07-14networkd: netdev - rework load_oneTom Gundersen1-21/+30
2014-07-14networkd: netdev - split out bridge creationTom Gundersen3-101/+118
2014-07-14networkd: netdev - rename 'enslave' to 'join'Tom Gundersen3-46/+60
2014-07-14networkd: add back route destination supportTom Gundersen1-0/+1
2014-07-14networkd: bond - explicitly map to kernel mode valuesTom Gundersen1-2/+24
2014-07-14networkd: dhcp add vendor class indentifier option 60Susant Sahani4-0/+11
2014-07-14networkd: make metric of routes configurableSusant Sahani3-1/+40
2014-07-14networkd: return 1 from successful event handlersTom Gundersen1-4/+4
2014-07-10networkd: always prefer dhcp routes over ipv4ll routesLennart Poettering2-5/+6
2014-07-10shared: split out in_addr related calls from socket-util.[ch] into its privat...Lennart Poettering1-1/+1
2014-07-07networkd: simplify signal handling of SIGTERM/SIGINTLennart Poettering2-36/+5
2014-07-07networkd: add support for modeSusant Sahani4-7/+167