path: root/src/gallium/winsys/r600
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2011-09-30r600g: move all files from winsys/r600 into drivers/r600Marek Olšák7-3290/+0
2011-09-30winsys/radeon: move GEM domains out of the drivers into winsysMarek Olšák1-6/+2
2011-09-30r600g: remove struct radeon (or what's left of it)Marek Olšák5-72/+13
2011-09-30r600g: move family and chip_class from struct radeon to r600_screenMarek Olšák4-55/+15
2011-09-30r600g: merge r600_bo with r600_resourceMarek Olšák5-190/+51
2011-09-28r600g: convert if (query->type) into switch statementsMarek Olšák1-26/+54
2011-09-14r600g: Initialize multi VGT related register on Cayman.Michel Dänzer1-0/+1
2011-09-13r600g: fix typo in "r600g: simplify deducing chip family"Marek Olšák1-1/+1
2011-09-12r600g: set the return type of radeon_destroy to voidMarek Olšák1-6/+3
2011-09-12r600g: remove r600_drm_public.hMarek Olšák2-34/+0
2011-09-12r600g: inline some of the winsys r600_get functionsMarek Olšák3-31/+6
2011-09-12r600g: simplify deducing chip familyMarek Olšák1-36/+8
2011-09-12r600g: compute tiling info in the pipe, not in the winsysMarek Olšák2-121/+0
2011-09-12r600g: remove unused ioctl definitionsMarek Olšák1-8/+0
2011-09-12r600g: do not loop in radeon_family_from_deviceMarek Olšák4-57/+11
2011-09-12r600g: cleanup build include dirs and dependenciesMarek Olšák3-6/+1
2011-09-11pb_buffer: inline 'base' sub-structMarek Olšák1-1/+1
2011-08-25android: add support for r600gChia-I Wu1-0/+43
2011-08-25winsys/r600: share the source listChia-I Wu3-13/+10
2011-08-17r600g: implement NV_primitive_restart functionality (v2)Marek Olšák1-0/+2
2011-08-16r600g: consolidate two files r600d.hMarek Olšák1-2241/+0
2011-08-16r600g: set read/write usage flags for each relocationMarek Olšák3-24/+33
2011-08-16r600g: enable thread offloadingMarek Olšák3-11/+8
2011-08-16r600g: undefine RADEON_CTX_MAX_PM4Marek Olšák2-6/+6
2011-08-16r600g: don't include radeon_drm.h and xf86drm.hMarek Olšák5-14/+6
2011-08-16r600g: remove an unused parameter from r600_bo_destroyMarek Olšák3-19/+14
2011-08-16r600g: merge radeon_bo with r600_boMarek Olšák6-133/+32
2011-08-16r600g: remove radeon_bo::handleMarek Olšák3-5/+3
2011-08-16r600g: use buffer_map/unmap from radeon_winsysMarek Olšák4-136/+10
2011-08-16r600g: set the flush callback in radeon_winsysMarek Olšák2-13/+14
2011-08-16r600g: get tiling flags using radeon_winsysMarek Olšák3-44/+9
2011-08-16r600g: get winsys_handle using radeon_winsysMarek Olšák3-33/+1
2011-08-16r600g: move more DRM queries into winsys/radeonMarek Olšák3-47/+3
2011-08-16winsys/radeon: consolidate the add_reloc functionMarek Olšák1-1/+1
2011-08-16r600g: emit CS using radeon_winsysMarek Olšák4-41/+16
2011-08-16r600g: remove struct r600_relocMarek Olšák1-1/+1
2011-08-16r600g: don't use RADEON_GEM_DOMAIN_CPUMarek Olšák2-23/+21
2011-08-16r600g: remove reloc-related variables from radeon_boMarek Olšák3-44/+22
2011-08-16r600g: let radeon_winsys maintain the list of relocationsMarek Olšák4-33/+20
2011-08-16r600g: remove now-unused r600_context::fenced_boMarek Olšák2-8/+0
2011-08-16r600g: remove the fences which were used for the cache buffer managerMarek Olšák4-145/+10
2011-08-16r600g: remove now-unused r600_bo::sizeMarek Olšák2-3/+0
2011-08-16r600g: remove the cache buffer manager from winsys/r600Marek Olšák6-223/+3
2011-08-16r600g: allocate/destroy buffers using radeon_winsysMarek Olšák4-83/+24
2011-08-16r600g: remove unused function declarationsMarek Olšák1-6/+0
2011-08-16r600g: remove unused r600_bo::tiling_flagsMarek Olšák2-5/+5
2011-08-16r600g: remove unused r600_bo::kernel_pitchMarek Olšák3-7/+3
2011-08-16r600g: put radeon_winsys in screen::winsys, don't include drm_driver in the pipeMarek Olšák6-14/+20
2011-08-16r600g: cleanup includes in winsysMarek Olšák8-69/+21
2011-08-16r600g: move some queries into winsys/radeonMarek Olšák4-93/+24