AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
44 hoursradeonsi/compute: Share COMPUTE_DBG macro with r600gTom Stellard3-13/+10
5 daysr600g: Implement GL_ARB_texture_gatherGlenn Kennard4-9/+44
13 daysr600g: remove unused base_vector_chan variableIlia Mirkin1-1/+0
2014-07-03r600g: allow vs to write to gl_ViewportIndexIlia Mirkin1-0/+17
2014-07-02r600g: allow viewport index/layer to be sent to psIlia Mirkin1-2/+20
2014-06-24r600g/compute: Defer the creation of the temporary resourceBruno Jiménez2-20/+28
2014-06-24r600g/compute: Handle failures in compute_memory_pool_finalizeJan Vesely1-1/+4
2014-06-24r600g/compute: Fix possible endless loop in compute_memory_pool allocations.Jan Vesely1-2/+5
2014-06-20r600g/compute: Use gallium util functions for double listsBruno Jiménez2-111/+46
2014-06-20r600g/compute: Map only against intermediate buffersBruno Jiménez1-6/+4
2014-06-20r600g/compute: Implement compute_memory_demote_itemBruno Jiménez2-0/+54
2014-06-20r600g/compute: Avoid problems when promoting items mapped for readingBruno Jiménez1-4/+8
2014-06-20r600g/compute: Only move to the pool the buffers marked for promotingBruno Jiménez2-60/+91
2014-06-20r600g/compute: divide the item list in twoBruno Jiménez2-51/+49
2014-06-20r600g/compute: Add statuses to the compute_memory_itemsBruno Jiménez2-1/+18
2014-06-20r600g/compute: Add an util function to know if an item is in the poolBruno Jiménez1-0/+5
2014-06-20r600g/compute: Add an intermediate resource for OpenCL buffersBruno Jiménez3-6/+41
2014-06-18r600g: fix the max vertex shader input limitMarek Olšák1-1/+1
2014-06-18util/u_format: move utility function from r600gGrigori Goronzy3-11/+15
2014-06-16r600g/radeonsi: Remove default case from PIPE_COMPUTE_CAP_* switchMichel Dänzer1-4/+3
2014-06-12r600g/compute: solve a bug introduced by 2e01b8b440c1402c88a2755d89f40292e1f3...Bruno Jiménez1-1/+1
2014-06-10r600g/compute: Use %u as the unsigned formatBruno Jiménez1-1/+1
2014-06-10r600g/compute: align items correctlyBruno Jiménez1-4/+5
2014-06-10r600g/compute: Cleanup of compute_memory_pool.hBruno Jiménez1-15/+0
2014-06-10r600g/compute: Tidy a bit compute_memory_finalize_pendingBruno Jiménez1-12/+7
2014-06-10r600g/compute: Add more NULL checksBruno Jiménez2-8/+28
2014-06-10r600g/compute: Adding checks for NULL after CALLOCBruno Jiménez1-0/+8
2014-06-10r600g/compute: Fixing a typo and some indentationBruno Jiménez1-2/+2
2014-06-10r600g,radeonsi: implement PIPE_QUERY_TIMESTAMP_DISJOINTDavid Heidelberger1-0/+12
2014-06-03r600g,radeonsi: don't use hardware MSAA resolve if dst is fast-clearedMarek Olšák2-2/+4
2014-06-03r600g: BlitFramebuffer should follow render conditionMarek Olšák1-5/+6
2014-06-03r600g,radeonsi: disable fast clear if render condition is onMarek Olšák1-0/+3
2014-06-02r600g: use TGSI_PROPERTY to disable viewport and clippingChristoph Bumiller9-9/+72
2014-06-02r600g: remove assert on draw with count == 0Christoph Bumiller1-1/+0
2014-06-02r600g: HW bug workaround for TGSI_OPCODE_BREAKCChristoph Bumiller3-4/+22
2014-06-02r600g: implement TGSI_OPCODE_BREAKCChristoph Bumiller1-1/+24
2014-06-02r600g: support all channels of TGSI_FILE_ADDRESSChristoph Bumiller1-28/+58
2014-06-02r600g: check for PIPE_BIND_BLENDABLE in is_format_supportedChristoph Bumiller2-0/+18
2014-06-02r600g: handle PIPE_QUERY_GPU_FINISHEDChristoph Bumiller1-0/+9
2014-05-14radeonsi: Fix anisotropic filtering state setupMichel Dänzer3-13/+12
2014-05-10r600g: simplify framebuffer state size computationMarek Olšák1-26/+4
2014-04-24r600g: fix hang on RV740 by using DX_RASTERIZATION_KILL instead of SX_MISCMarek Olšák5-7/+27
2014-04-24r600g: fix for an MSAA hang on RV770Marek Olšák3-1/+12
2014-04-24r600g: fix for broken CULL_FRONT behavior on R6xxMarek Olšák4-61/+64
2014-04-24r600g: fix for HTILE on R6xxMarek Olšák1-0/+6
2014-04-24r600g: fix buffer copying on R600-R700Marek Olšák1-0/+6
2014-04-24r600g: fix flushing on RV670, RS780, RS880 againMarek Olšák1-0/+9
2014-04-24r600g: fix MSAA resolve on R6xx when the destination is 1D-tiledMarek Olšák1-0/+6
2014-04-24r600g: disable async DMA on R700Marek Olšák1-1/+2
2014-04-24r600g: fix edge flags and layered rendering on R600-R700Marek Olšák1-2/+4