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gallium: add llvm-related TODOs. (v2)
This is just a simple text file containing a list of goals for gallivm/llvmpipe and some info on what is required to get there along with some info on who is looking at things. v2: add EXT_texture_array. Signed-off-by: Dave Airlie <> Reviewed-by: Brian Paul <>
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+TODO covering gallivm/llvmpipe
+Goal: GL3.0 support in llvmpipe
+TXQ opcode support - airlied WIP
+TXF opcode support.
+Integer texture fetch support
+Integer renderbuffer support
+Vertex ID support.
+EXT_transform_feedback support - airlied WIP
+clip distance support - airlied WIP
+vertex clip support - airlied WIP
+EXT_texture_array support - Jakob WIP
+Goal: extension parity with softpipe:
+GL3.0 support.
+EXT_timer_query - airlied posted a patch