BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
10.0i965: Fix buffer overruns in MSAA MCS buffer clearing.Eric Anholt2 days
10.1i965/fs: Don't propagate saturation modifiers if there are source modifiers.Matt Turner3 days
8.0Apple: glFlush() is not needed with CGLFlushDrawable()Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia9 months
9.0Apple: glFlush() is not needed with CGLFlushDrawable()Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia9 months
9.1docs: Add md5sums for 9.1.7 release files.Carl Worth6 months
9.2mesa: Use IROUND instead of roundf.José Fonseca3 months
direct_state_accessmesa: advertise GL_EXT_direct_state_accessDylan Noblesmith6 months
llvmpipe-dumallvmpipe: Integrate DUMA.José Fonseca11 months
llvmpipe-rast-64llvmpipe: enable 32 bit sse paths in the triangle setupZack Rusin5 months
mastermesa: update glext.h to version 20140313Petri Latvala17 min.
TagDownloadAuthorAge  mesa-10.0.4.tar.gz  Carl Worth5 weeks  mesa-10.1.tar.gz  Ian Romanick6 weeks  mesa-10.1-rc3.tar.gz  Ian Romanick7 weeks  mesa-10.1-rc2.tar.gz  Ian Romanick8 weeks  mesa-10.1-rc1.tar.gz  Ian Romanick2 months  mesa-10.0.3.tar.gz  Carl Worth2 months  mesa-10.0.2.tar.gz  Carl Worth3 months  mesa-9.2.5.tar.gz  Carl Worth4 months  mesa-10.0.1.tar.gz  Carl Worth4 months  mesa-10.0.tar.gz  Ian Romanick5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
17 min.mesa: update glext.h to version 20140313HEADmasterPetri Latvala1-6/+76
3 hoursi965/fs: Implement fs_inst::force_sechalf support on Broadwell.Kenneth Graunke3-4/+8
4 hoursglsl: Allow explicit binding on atomics againChris Forbes1-1/+3
4 hoursradeonsi: fix num banks selection on SI for dma setup (v2)Alex Deucher3-24/+19
6 hoursi965/fs: Reduce restrictions on interference in register coalescing.Matt Turner1-13/+0
6 hoursi965/fs: Give up in interference check if we see a WHILE.Matt Turner1-1/+1
6 hoursi965/fs: Simplify interference scan in register coalescing.Matt Turner1-13/+9
6 hoursi965/fs: Unindent can_coalesce_vars().Matt Turner1-27/+28
6 hoursi965/fs: Recognize nop-MOV instructions early.Matt Turner1-3/+17
6 hoursi965/fs: Only sweep NOPs if register coalescing made progress.Matt Turner1-7/+9