BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.10glue/glib: g_thread_supported() is deprecated in GLib 2.36Tim-Philipp Müller16 months
1.0build: pass header files only to --glue-includesStephan Sundermann3 months
1.4gstreamer-sharp.dll.config: The glue library is called gstreamersharpglue, no...Sebastian Dröge3 weeks
masterglue: Remove mpegts from includesStephan Sundermann70 min.
0.99.0commit c4349297bf...Stephan Sundermann9 months
0.9.2commit f8d66073db...Sebastian Dröge5 years
0.9.1commit 3a323c78b0...Sebastian Dröge5 years
0.9.0commit 8dad9f8b76...Sebastian Dröge5 years
CHANGELOG_STARTcommit b94528f8e7...Sebastian Dröge5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
70 min.glue: Remove mpegts from includesHEADmasterStephan Sundermann1-1/+1
72 min.Remove mpegtsStephan Sundermann3-1538/+2
28 hoursConfigure: Use mcs instead of gmcsStephan Sundermann1-1/+1
28 hoursdllconfig: Fix glue name on osxStephan Sundermann1-1/+1
28 hoursexamples: Add ExampleVolume in makefileStephan Sundermann1-1/+6
28 hoursexample: Add volume elementMaster T1-0/+115
29 hoursGstPad: make it possible to set flags (e.g. PadFlags.ProxyCaps)Master T1-0/+8
29 hoursObject: Make flags writeableStephan Sundermann1-0/+1
29 hoursMapInfo: add DataPtr so the mapped Data can be accessed without copyingMaster T1-0/+5
29 hoursMiniObject: fix MakeWritable In case the MiniObject had a reference count of ...Master T1-3/+6