BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.10Automatic update of common submoduleTim-Philipp Müller13 months
0.11Automatic update of common submoduleSebastian Dröge2 years
1.2Release 1.2.3Tim-Philipp Müller8 weeks
masterclient: set the watch to flushing before going to NULLWim Taymans5 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  gst-rtsp-server-1.2.3.tar.gz  Tim-Philipp Müller8 weeks  gst-rtsp-server-1.1.90.tar.gz  Sebastian Dröge2 months  RELEASE-0.10.8.tar.gz  Wim Taymans3 years  RELEASE-0.10.7.tar.gz  Wim Taymans4 years  RELEASE-0.10.6.tar.gz  Wim Taymans4 years  RELEASE-0.10.2.tar.gz  Tim-Philipp Müller4 years  RELEASE-0.10.1.tar.gz  Tim-Philipp Müller4 years  RELEASE-0.10.3.tar.gz  Tim-Philipp Müller4 years  RELEASE-0.10.4.tar.gz  Tim-Philipp Müller4 years  RELEASE-0.10.5.tar.gz  Tim-Philipp Müller4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 daysclient: set the watch to flushing before going to NULLHEADmasterWim Taymans1-0/+7
9 daysrtsp-session-pool: Fixes annotationLinus Svensson2-11/+29
9 daysmedia: make media_prepare virtualOgnyan Tonchev2-59/+98
9 daysmedia: stop the thread in more error casesOgnyan Tonchev2-1/+12
9 daysmedia: allow NULL as the threadOgnyan Tonchev2-5/+8
10 daysrtsp-client: indent cleanupVincent Penquerc'h1-1/+1
11 daysclient: Add drop-backlog propertyGöran Jönsson2-7/+60
12 daysclient: support for POST before GET when setting up a tunnelOgnyan Tonchev1-61/+67
12 daysclient: remove watch of the second client after http tunnel setupOgnyan Tonchev1-0/+6
13 daysmedia: Make media_prepare() fail if port allocation failsOgnyan Tonchev2-4/+54